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  1. Not a bad start with your new club
  2. Holy Moly 131k capacity?! Will that mean that your stadium is the biggest football stadium in the world?
  3. Woah thats alot of money!! You gona buy a team then ?
  4. Unlucky m8 for just missing out on the title :/ But you did freaking awesome for your first season in Germany with "middle league" team!!
  5. Sola can be his own worst enemy with all those supsensions? Did he have a bad diciplinary record with spain?
  6. So thats why u dont put finances in your season review anymore
  7. Zimmerman must be building up quite a rep throughout europe with those stats
  8. Nooo not Portadown theres my local team down the drain then :/
  9. Tobermore are really unlcuky they keep getting finalist teams in the first rounds aka Barca
  10. Do the tycoon owned clubs have good managers?
  11. I think once you secure the place in the coefficients it will be harder to lose it
  12. Thank you it didnt sound right in my head either
  13. Is there a supercup in brazil if there is who you going to play if you wi the libertos
  14. Rangers will fly back up anyway
  15. Dont jinx that now ?! There is more of a chance of that happening