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  1. heath - you recommended The Walking Dead to me ages ago and I finally got round to watching it over the past couple of weeks. Can't say I'm a massive fan of it I'm afraid, doesn't really do anything new with the zombie genre and the characters to a man (and woman) are so annoying to me. Except for maybe Glenn, he's ok. Its watchable enough and there are some nice set pieces and moments of suspense no doubt otherwise I wouldn't have stayed with it. Been watching Boardwalk Empire too, that's more my type of drama.
  2. It wasn't offensive at all. The press will do their customary digging in the next few days and not care a jot about who it offends so I wouldn't worry about it.
  3. I have it on CD somewhere + the San Quentin one. Good albums, haven't listened to them in ages though.
  4. My favourite goal was an overhead kick from a ridiculous angle in a Catholic vs. Protestant match (it was all in a good spirit before you have a go) back in my hometown in N. Ireland when I was about 14 or 15. The ball stuck in the little stanction at the top corner, happy memories... In proper football my favourite goals are in the FA Cup semi final replay in 1990 and also in the Cup semi against Oldham a few years later, not because they're particularly great goals (although Hughes' is fantastic) but it was back in the day when all I thought about was football before girls, drinking
  5. Blimey, someone else remembers those. I loved those books when I was at school, I'll admit to cheating all the time because some of them were nigh on impossible if you didn't. Trial of Champions was great.
  6. Wow, great work. That's a proper at the beginning too
  7. Capello and Rehhagel discover time travel:
  8. Was thinking of signing these two just to have Bogy Man in my side.
  9. Might have been mentioned before but made me laugh. He can really get his weight behind those penalties too.
  10. Razvan Rat is a pretty established player these days. On a vaguely related note I'd recommend you head over to youtube and type in Vasili Rats/Joel Bats to see a stupendous goal from Mexico '86. Here's another cool name
  11. This has probably been posted before but worth another shout. This is an actual Norweigen club.
  12. Ince takes over at Arsenal also from that screenie. You heard it all hear first.
  13. Ha, thanks. It occured to me that the journo just loves the Back to the Future movies!
  14. Considering I was only a few months into a career with Sunday League experience, this guy is surely over reacting a little: Worrying journalist
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