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  1. No. Just play the first team. It has been too long since an FA Cup win. The last time against Millwall I recall watching the final with my brother the day after his wedding (the honeymoon got postponed). He's now got a team of screaming children and he's in a fully blown midlife crisis. How the years fly....
  2. It's like the early 90s all over again (except the home draw).
  3. 03 Nov 19:45 UK Man Utd 8/15 v CSKA Moscow 5/1 draw 3/1 (0-0 11/1) These odds look slightly awry to me.
  4. My apologies, first time I'd read this in months.
  5. That is quite a ludicrous statement + can you be my bookie?
  6. City centre pub for the Spurs game, standing at the bar. A genius was spouting off about this 'unknown' goalie and how much he didn't rate him. First question to him was "ever seen him play?", the reply was "don't need to mate, sh!te". "You don't watch World Cup finals then?", "Nah, so fuking what? What's your problem?" I take issue with the maxim that everyone is entitled to their opinion.
  7. I'm sad enough to remember United getting a chasing by Ipswich in the Coca-Cola with an even better team - Nevland, Mulryne, Curtis, Cruyff, Thornley, etc...
  8. Conversation in work today: Me: Seen this stuff about United going for Neymar? Chelsea fan: Aye, he'd be sh!te for youse anyway. F.....g diving pussy. He started taking about Chopper Harris then. I do like my job.
  9. Gonna call this now and say high scoring draw, think Galatasaray in the early 90s and Basle a couple of years ago.
  10. Just play our very own Valencia at CB in the hope that he can perfect smacking everything off striker's shins in the hope of getting goal kicks.
  11. More Waddle, "They have no strikers just four no. 10's - Rooney, Januzaj.... eeeehhhmmm..." I PAY MY LICENCE FEE FOR THIS!!!
  12. Chris Waddle on 5Live is suggesting United should walk this. Disaster beckons.
  13. The team looked far more capable when Schweinsteiger came on. Rooney though? Time's up.
  14. Chris Smalliing. One game, one clean sheet.
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