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  1. OK now the missus is out enjoying the beauty of this place, i arrive for my first day in football management to assess what I have gotten myself into. The team are currently laying in 14th place in Serie C1/B, which I can’t quite decide if is a good thing, the media predicted a 4th place finish for the club. Which either means the media don’t know what they’re talking about or the clubs last manager was just that poor. I’m hoping it was the latter as the chairmen still wants a play-off spot this season, so I need to be straight on it from day one!! SQUAD League on arrival
  2. So when I completed my coaching badges, I never for a split second believed that it would lead me to getting a job in Italy. When Sorrento approached me to discuss there available managers position, I have to admit I had my reservations but as soon as me and the wife landed to this view…..she decided on the spot that this was the perfect place for me to start my career.
  3. Quick glance at the wage situation....Quickly rejected!
  4. -Career Type- Journeyman -Database- Medium (43,000 players) -League’s Loaded- 25 Leagues from 8 Nations BELGIUM (Third Division & up) ENGLAND (BSP & up) FRANCE (National & up) GERMANY (Third Division & up) ITALY (Serie C1 & up) HOLLAND (Jupiler League & up) PORTUGAL (Second Division & up) SPAIN (Second Division B & up) -Experience- Sunday League Player -Starting Place- Unemployment Office
  5. Into the automatic spots just in time for the x-mas period, if you can stay in top two come end of Jan, you will be looking good for promotion! Your flying through the seasons this year bud, how do you watch your games if you dont mind me asking?
  6. Congrats on the promotioin fella! Great read too, amazing depth you go into for your followers!
  7. Hope you manage to get the save up & running again buddy, its been a good career to follow so far!!
  8. FM13 Journeyman career

    Nice start to your career there bud, see you have sured up the back line...5 clean sheets on the bounce, impressive!
  9. Thank you. No meaning my surname is Horne, so always had the nickname horner from school.
  10. [FM13] Paris Saint-Germain F.C

    Top, top, top thread! great depth
  11. Just sat watching my instalation man install my phone line, t.v & broadband as we speak Well when i say watch him install, so far ive seen him drink two cups of coffee & send a load of text messages!!
  12. Tomtuck's First FM Career Adventure

    Just spent a nice 2 hours reading thru your thread! WOW what a career path you have taken! Setting up a very nice platform with swansea....have a team from wales ever won the champions league before?? you could be in the progress of making history!!
  13. dwellers get nothing in life hursty lol Its a shame taking Lazio out of serie B back to the top in Italy would of been a nice little challenge
  14. You have to continue with this save and not stop untill you beat Stoke 5-0 on there own ground (your ground!!!)