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  1. Played about 5 minutes before the first crash, caused by clicking "add to shortlist"
  2. Yet at the halfway point of the season there have been 21 og's, with Sunderland being the only one to concede more than 2. So yes it is too many.
  3. Ineligible, why?

    Wrong, the registration screen clearly states they don't have to be registered if under 21 and have been at the club for 2 years. Gooner, your specific problem is that they need to be 16 to be eligible, (also be careful of youth/reserve games close to matchday this may make them ineligible if they play them)
  4. I just aggressively tell them I'm not worried about teamtalks and they all reply "sorry I brought it up".
  5. I just want players to stop moaning about lack of playing time 2 games into the season.
  6. I use a DLP with a BBM, both at MC, behind either 3 AMC (2 AMC either side an AP) or AML/R (IFs) and an AMC (AP). Works a treat.
  7. Needs some more work, misses a few things I want to see. - when I'm finalising deals I want to see the whole contract offered, not just the weekly amount. - I want to specify a player type, eg back-up goalie, replacement left winger for the guy were trying to get rid of, etc. - don't re-bid for a player who I've already cancelled a transfer for
  8. I normally find that the tutor is up for it, it's the kids who get stroppy when asked to learn. (Amazing how many I have sold or released for refusing).
  9. In post match press conferences I want to be asked about the match. Not transfers, or the next match, but the one just played and the incidents that occurred. I don't want the fans satisfied when you score a 94th minute equaliser in a game where you have 60-40 possession and 20-5 shots. They should be raging that you only drew. I want players to actually react to team talks, "nothing specific noticed" appears about 99% of the time. In fact players hardly ever PR to anything any more (except for high win bonuses). To be able to sell players you don't want (can't even give players away for nothing). For interested teams to make loan bids when you offer out players for 0% wages.
  10. When playing as Liverpool always find it's Arsenal, Wolves and Fulham. Every version since about FM07.
  11. He must already have a foreign feeder or he wouldn't be able sign them in the first place.
  12. Long gone are the days when I had to fine Robinho for being caught outside a nightclub at 3am.
  13. Liverpool Thread 2011/12

    I was referring to the 2 year part really.
  14. Liverpool Thread 2011/12

    Bruna has gone to Blackpool on a two year deal according to the BBC.