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  1. sifrow

    notorious crimes close to you?

    A nurse who killed 4, attempt on 9 others, plus a BBC program about it starring Charlie Brooks.
  2. sifrow

    Nutella riots

    As Terry Pratchett said
  3. 28 games into the season and I've scored one, league total is 9 with Huddersfield best with 2.
  4. Unfortunately I don't have a save with this in progress. The screenshots in the first post are from 14/01/18, the only save I have from before then is from 29/09/17 (pic below). I got a message on 22/01/18 stating that the concerns were gone (see pic 2). This is 8 days later on from the pics in the first post (which states 8 days left to improve atmosphere). I've uploaded the save as "sifrow concerns 290917", although I think it's too old to be any real use.
  5. Not sure whether this is a bug, or if it is because a promise is still active? Jordan Henderson is concerned about the poor dressing room atmosphere, which has been excellent for weeks. Currently on a 5 game unbeaten streak and haven't lost in the league since 24/10 (now 14/01, so nearly 3 months later). Can't blame it on Mane wanting a new contract as no-one supports him, and one player opposes him.
  6. Signed a new manager contract, listed as "will be a Liverpool player for a while longer" in the social feed.
  7. You would think they would move out of the way of the ball though, it was coming straight back at the taker.
  8. Has something changed for penalties on 18.1.2? Last three have all been hit straight down the middle at chest height, two hit the goalie, third one was caught. On 18.1.1 had 5 of 7 shot to the takers right, of those 3 hit the post and came straight back at the taker (who stood still and did not react at all). This is both player and AI teams.
  9. Some odd transfers going on - Dynamo Kyiv have signed both Charlie Adam and James McClean at the start of the game. Ukrainian league isn't active.
  10. Thought this was older than 2003, but a Ps2 classic
  11. sifrow

    Windows 10 thread

    Boot times are definitely getting worse with each update
  12. sifrow

    The Playstation 4 Thread

    Keep getting a "not available right now" message instead
  13. sifrow

    The Playstation 4 Thread

    Except you can't download Everybodys gone to the Rapture
  14. Yep, when people talk about immigration they are definitely talking about those pesky New Zealanders.