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  1. [FM18] The Perfectionist III - A sucker for pain

    How many more seasons do you think it will be before you get to a European league?
  2. Feel leeds should be in the premiership,they have a bigger history than watford
  3. im really struggling to get my man united team to click at the moment. playing 4-3-3 and just not creating enough chances at all. any one got any tactics that are working?
  4. Wimbledon really struggling on my game,played 10 league games and lost them all gd of -24
  5. My front four is Cristiano Ronaldo,maradona,best and Ronaldo.gary Neville was on a youth contract and as I was over my wage budget i couldn't offer him a new deal,swansea offered him a deal and he went there.only got two million compensation for him.hope no one comes in for Hughes.
  6. I had to appeal to get a wp for maradona.it went through on appeal fortunately
  7. Gorando Vs Noob21 georginho_juventusygr Vs Cougar2010 Reddiablo Vs Andyh21 -draw given1legend Vs Bliss Seeker darren1983 Vs adhikapp
  8. Euro 2016 Draft Game - Groups A, B and C

    Can we not just start without his formation?
  9. Euro 2016 Draft Game - Groups D, E and F

    I'll do mine either later or first thing tomorrow
  10. Euro 2016 Draft Game - Groups D, E and F

    We could have all ours done by the time the other lot have picked their players ?
  11. Euro 2016 Draft Game - Groups D, E and F

    If we are just doing group games against each other to start, can we not make a start on ours as soon as everyone has uploaded there teams?
  12. Euro 2016 Draft Game - Groups D, E and F

    Can I have inan (turkey) please.will pm gorando
  13. Euro 2016 Draft Game - Groups D, E and F

    Just trying to find myself a cm. will be done in a few minutes