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  1. im really struggling to get my man united team to click at the moment. playing 4-3-3 and just not creating enough chances at all. any one got any tactics that are working?
  2. My front four is Cristiano Ronaldo,maradona,best and Ronaldo.gary Neville was on a youth contract and as I was over my wage budget i couldn't offer him a new deal,swansea offered him a deal and he went there.only got two million compensation for him.hope no one comes in for Hughes.
  3. I know theres a thread on this by cleon already but I can't find it. What factors affect a teams youth intake?
  4. has anyone got a list of regen dates?tried searching for it but couldn't find it.
  5. probably already been asked but when I go to individual training for my players things like positioning and marking aren't available to pick.how do I change this?
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