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  1. It is a memory leak , disabling stadium, sound , crowd etc will let me play like 2 hours before it crashes ( ram use jump from 500k to 1.2mb ) , it is annoying but the game is very fast on saving/loading so i don't mind restarting after 2 hours.
  2. Heston United ( translates to "s*it on him") Kolo Kolo (rear rear)
  3. I am still in 07 , if you exclude the godly grey players in European competitions and the regen middfielders with marking 4 the game rocks. Eh , my Brann even has a B team in 3rd division !
  4. IRL there are clubs that cancel all leaked transfer bids ( to name one PAOK Salonica)
  5. For me the most important factor is speed , i can place the team talks to my assman and click play without talking to the press before after or between the matches . Training works , of course it is far from perfect but i can make a player from my academy to reach his potential in less than 4 years. Tactics are okay , i have edit my fm06 tactic to kick butt and i am keep on winning not because it is a "cheat tactic" or anything but because AI can not deal with it (to a degree..i can not win CL with clubs from Finland on the 1st season). In comparison with fm08 players follow my instructions more. Scouting of course is laughable but this is another issue, scouting is laughable in 08 too. It is far easier to buy players and players are not uberly annoying , of course they get to dislike coaches or one another but they are not the total fraksticks they are in 08. You don't really need the best players on the planet to succeed ! Interface is better IMO . In general far less depth and interaction more of a game and less of a simulation is what appeals to me , of course i wanted it to be even more of a game and even less of a simulator . Also NO ridiculous DRM
  6. I thought the name came from the fact that they are based in Mentellin ...and they are trading some expensive staff down there... looks like i was wrong.
  7. Travel United (i think it is from Hong Kong ) Kolo Kolo ( or "butt butt" in my native language)
  8. I do not think it is that tough to find out , just use FMM and a calculator to find the formula *Do not forget to leave all those attributes that do not count in CA out .
  9. Juve Stabbia ( i do not remember how many "b"s it had) around 15 seasons in cm01/02 ( i even won a championship ! ) Brann Bergen around 20 seasons in fm07
  10. We should be able to name a stadium ,i don't like Latin (arena) and Romanised Greek (stadium) names.
  11. http://img156.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dabudgetys3.png Step for world domination number 2 -Rule the transfer market with big money tabs do not work !
  12. They can add all the leagues they want if they make the game much faster so we can have them active. There are many threads asking for new leagues but honestly how many of you have ever managed a team from India ?
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