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  1. I saw "9 miles below" , it is a very low budget movie with very few actors , limited special effects but the script is strong , acting not particularly bad and i had fun for 82' .
  2. 3rd expansion of "Europe Universalis 3" named "Hair to the throne" is out
  3. 2012 is just bad . The whole world is dieing and the movie centers around a family and their stupid kids , i never understood why there shall be kids in every single disaster movie, or why they don't die horribly 10'' after they appear on screen. CGI was not at all impressive , characters are weak and the worst of all are the symbolisms of Noah the ark , Ararat and in general the awful mix of religion&family that describe all bad Hollywood films . At least we didn't see minorities stealing TVs and refrigerators ....
  4. Because it dictates how the game must be played so it kills replayability , the game promiced that you can play any class you want with any party you want but in reality what the game screams is "use one tank and 3 mages" . Well i do not like mages . And one thing i forgot in my previous post , this game has by far the worst AI i have encounter the last 10 years , just think to play FM and your squad stands still waiting for the other team to score, that bad. Enemy AI isn't any better either.
  5. Level scaling , restrictive levelling , hand holding and terrible imbalance when it comes to classes and characters , DAO is a disappointment.
  6. It is cloudy 9C today, the fun part is that i spotted a couple of tourists in the train station , they aren't looking happy , someone told must have told them that Athens is near the equator lol .
  7. Risen only needs a dual core cpu , 2gb ram and a medium gpu , nothing too expensive. My game stuck in level 4 and 5 .... twice , i also can not ignore main quest
  8. It is so very very sad but Oblivion>Risen , they made it like Gothic 4 crap
  9. 2 more days for "Risen" , i can not wait . f*ck Russian pirates
  10. Why do you need a decent one ? the cheaper the better. You can buy 12 pieces of £5 with £60 and you know gamers brake those things all the time . Just one word, avoid wireless keyboards , specially those without a led in "F" keys , if anything goes wrong you will not be able to get into windows safe mod .
  11. In a RPG it is your character that blocks, not you . Yes it is very simplistic when it comes to strategy and trading and AI needs some tuning , luckily all data files are in text format so we can edit everything to work as we want.
  12. My brother bought "East India Company" , real time naval battle sim & trader , nothing monumental but it is a good way to relax when your hands get too tired from playing mount & blade . Yep
  13. EU III with expansions is a sandbox hell as well just a lot better one. In vanilla EU3 AI cheats like hell.
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