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  1. After a rough start I've found some inspiration here to carry on and the club is growing on me. I'm not really doing great things (currently hovering around place 4, losing some games I should have won easily) but I also managed to beat PSG twice (at home) and will play Monaco in the 2nd knockout round of the Europa League. First I'll try and finish my first season (it takes a lot longer than in FM Touch which I normally play) and post an update. Then I'll see whether I stick to the 2+1 transfers rule or do a major overhaul.
  2. I'm getting towards the end of my first season and need some clarification on the transfer rules we're imposing onto ourselves. In the OP it mentions we're restricted to 2 permanent and 1 loan signing per season. There's no exception for free transfers, under-18 players or short term loanees, right? It does restrict overhauling the squad somewhat, which seems to impact some tactics more than others. For example, I'm using a narrow formation in which I can't really use all the wingers Saint Etienne have available. Some can be retrained into attacking CM's, but it does hinder me.
  3. 4132 DM Narrow I must say I've been struggling trying to get this formation to work. Only after seeing poobington's work and seeing rashidi's youtube clip on his formation was I able to make some changes which let the team click into gear. Right now, this is the tactical setup we're using. The players used is this screenshot are not all my main players: we've been having some problems with injuries and suspensions. I've been using Perrin as half back and he's been quite all right there. And it's a position where his 'get further forward' PPM isn't as bad as in a central defender position. The use of a half back creates a nice shape when attacking as shown in the srceenshot below. Depending on the position of the ball, it transforms from a 4-1-3-2 to 3-4-1-2 to 3-3-4. And finally, the team's results since using this tactic. We're currently in 4th place, given my first few matches weren't as successful as I hoped trying to get the tactic right. In the Europa League, we finished 2nd in our group and meet Rubin Kazan in the first knockout round.
  4. I should have looked better, no idea why I didn't see your posts earlier. I've got some FM-time planned this evening, so hopefully this'll give me some inspiration to improve my own tactic.
  5. Hi poobington would you be so nice to share some more details on how you ste up your formation (player roles and team instructions). I've had some trouble getting the balance between ball retention (this formation seems perfect for posession play) and attacking trust. In my tries, it's been either one or the other, but never a nice mix of these two.
  6. Ooh, I'll take alook then. Have been trying to get that formation to work myself, but to no avail. Let's see what I can learn from his version and your commentary on it.
  7. That's a very interesting system you've got there, herne. Too bad you can't try this out with Saint-Etienne. Might save your job. Question about your setup: is the Regista a role you can use in possession based systems? I don't have much experience with them, but my first thought would be that they like taking risks with the ball too much. Otherwise, playing one might help me keeping a job at Saint Etienne.
  8. So, the 'black box' gave me the 4-1-3-2 DM Narrow to play with. Too much of a diamond style play for my liking, but we'll see. Brought in N'Diaye from Betis after he was offered to me to get some more numbers in central midfield. Played some friendlies and the first two matches of the Ligue 1 season. Lost both these matches, so the tactic still needs some tweaking... The statistics look very promising, but the results aren't there yet.
  9. It's more a question of time available. But for this challenge, I'll start up the full mode for the first time in FM16. Might take a bit longer to post updates, though!
  10. If more players are allowed on this challenge, I'm also interested. Will be playing FMT though, so might not fullfill all requirements...
  11. I always get Mike Phelan back in as assistant manager. Is a far better ass man and has earned in more to be there. Giggs can stay as a coach or learn the trade at another club first. In my game, he became manager of Derby and led them to promotion.
  12. At the end of the second season I got offered around 155M euros for Martial. This is after winning two league titles and a Champions League title, so the players' valuations are nice and high. Martial wasn't even my first choice striker (which was Lukaku) but played AML most of the time. Januzaj and Depay are more than capable standins for him. So, is this offer really too good to turn down or will I regret it? It's very possible that I won't be able to find a world class replacement for him (clubs aren't really willing to sell their top players I've found).
  13. Started a new game with ManUtd after the Winter Update was released. Only brought in a new expensive defender (Laporte) and tried to give the kids some game time. Did manage to win the league, but failed in all Cup competitions. Being knocked out of the FA cup by Liverpool after a superman performance from Mignolet, of all people. And losing on away goals (6-6) against Barcelona who were given two penalties by Chris Smalling errors. The final League Table is an interesting one. Teams like Arsenal, Chelsea and Southampton underperformed, Leicester were almost as good as they are in real life (some of their players have had a great attribute update) and Norwich and Swansea were in the UCL places for the longest time during the season. Let's see what next season brings.
  14. Only play fmt. Tried full mode just when the latest patch was released. Hated it. Too much meaningless details and stupid reactions in the media and player interaction models which break immersion constantly.
  15. Another update on my Real Sociedad save: the 2018 summer transfer window is closed. And it's been an eventful one. At the end of season 3, I decided that some players underperformed and I didn't see a future for them at the club. For 3 seasons I've tried to get Vela to play according to his attributes, but he hasn't met my expectations. Iturbe and Alisson were too inconsistent, so I offered these three players out to get a bit of money for strengthening. And then some clubs started circling around some other players. Luckily I could keep hold of our brilliant 'keeper Rulli. But offers for Ruben Neves, Knoche and Bruno Martins Indi were too good to turn down. The only sell I didn't like was loosing Stendera to his minimum fee release clause of 15M euros. But all in all, we've raked in around 175M euros in transfers! Now, for the incoming part I mostly picked players from the transfer list, who also didn't have enormous wage demands. Kevin Wimmer and Chris Smalling were acquired to strengthen the defence. Lanzini and Bentancur where chosen to bring some vision and dribbles to the midfield or wings. After taking some long and hard looks at my scouting reports, Lucas Romero and Lorenzo Crisetig where brought in to be the rocks in the center of midfield. They should be able to bring strength and tackles to the midfield while also providing more than average passing capabilities. Finally I needed a very good striker. I searched for a strong target man type, but couldn't find anybody within my transfer and wage budget. Then I started looking for quick, mobile strikers and found out Ayoze Perez was available for a little bit more than his market value. In the end this meant a net spend of minus 43M euros. I'd have liked to make a far larger profit, but the disappointing results in the third season convinced me to spend a bit more on three players in order to get Champions League qualification this year. All the other players are either backups (e.g. Patric as right back) or promising youngsters which the club doesn't really produce itself.
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