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  1. That's a very interesting system you've got there, herne. Too bad you can't try this out with Saint-Etienne. Might save your job. Question about your setup: is the Regista a role you can use in possession based systems? I don't have much experience with them, but my first thought would be that they like taking risks with the ball too much. Otherwise, playing one might help me keeping a job at Saint Etienne.
  2. On a related side note: is there any way to access this kind of statistics in the FMT version of the game?
  3. I have tried it the other way around: playing very fluid but setting all kind of instructions to reduce risk taking This weekend I'm trying Cleon's take because I found my way reduced risk taking too extreme, making my side very blunt in attack against very defensive sides.
  4. I've found that using AP/S roles on the wings (AMR/AML) and giving a PI of 'stay narrow' makes your player track back and drop inside to the midfield very often. I've had Mata playing there, popping up everywhere from the centre of midfield towards the corner flag. It's a possible angle to let the three attackers (AMR, AML, F9) constantly drop into midfield and creating a midfield 6 like Barca used to do.
  5. Save times also are increased here. And strikers seem to miss good changes too often, especially 1v1 with the 'keeper.
  6. Alas, hasn't been fixed. Will probably have to wait until the post transfer window patch. Or there might be a patch before that time. Given the state of the ME, we can only hope.
  7. FuSS, v3 is working quite all right for me. Too soon to tell if it's better than v2 though. It works especially well if I give my striker (non-target man) a free role and play mixed instead of both flanks.
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