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  1. Yes, it does work, but you have to use take more risks also. Playing as Spurs came back from 2 down to draw 2-2 with Man Utd after using such shouts for all of the 2nd half.
  2. Now in my 5th season at Hampton & Richmond. After a successful championship winning 1st season in BSS. I finished in season 10/11 13th 11/12 8th 12/13 2nd beaten in playoff final 1-0 by Mansfield all in BSP After 5 games of 13/14 season top with 4 wins and a draw. Sold 25 goal a season striker for 85k finances ok after playoff final and transfer. Turned down several league 2 jobs and Shelbourne in Eire. Looking for promotion to football league this season. Should really have been promoted last season but a run of 8 draws in 10 games was my downfall.
  3. I would like to see the best added leagues in editors added to FM11. Seperate options for set piece takers, eg different corner taker if a near post or far post corner. Add ons to transfers such as houses, cars etc Manager being able to visit different clubs for coaching tips. Eg Manager of Bury gets advice from Man Utd boss.
  4. FM10 10.1 Patch Never touch the editor. Loaded up all home nations and Eire. After a ropey start to the season got Hampton & Richmond in BSS into the playoff picture at turn of the year. Went top for the 1st time with 10 games left but then hit a patch of draws. With 4 games left i was in contention but really nedeed 4 wins to have a chance of the title. The last game of the season at home to Lewes was a must win , with Lewes a point clear at the top. On a rain sodden pitch Hampton took a 2-0 lead going into the last 20 minutes, then a foul by left back gave Lewes a 79th minute penalty to make it 2-1. However the lads hung on for a famous victory and their first season in BSP. 2010/11 Season After a 4-3 win at Barrow a 5-2 loss at Mansfield 2-0 Home win v Altrinham 1-1 Home draw v Southport last minute equaliser by Southport 3-0 Away win at Fleetwood possibly performance so far and 0-2 Home defeat v Histon we are currently 8th on 10 Points. Hoping for a top 10 finish. Getting crowds of around 900 and losing a ton of money every month. Scouts unearthed a little gem on right wing who at £15 a week on a free is a snip.
  5. Transfers easier to sell players More complex negoiations on transfers -ie longer payment clauses, can't play against team bought from that season,loan swap as bait. More agent involvement Subsitute comments. ie you can win us the game.
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