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  1. Dear SI I know that you are probably done making the must of the 2019 edition, but then this would be an idea for 2020. I love statistics, I love to try beating any records in the game, and one of the things I have always missed, was more statistics on national team level. It is possible to se topscorer of all time and must capped player, but I have a wish to see fx top 100 capped player and top 50 topscorer on national level - actually it could be fun also on club level, but one thing first. Any other statistics would also be great - the possibility to see a player or even a coach rise on the must capped player/coach list - I would love it!
  2. Hi Neil Yes thats exactly what happens - I will do the things in your link and hope everything will be good again - how do I Reverify Cache?
  3. Hi SI My game crashes constantly when I play, I can restart and go on for a little while again before the next crash - how do I solve this problem..?
  4. Yes KUBI it changed the system back to "normal" instead of this and next years new rules. dllu I tried to change it as I wrote to you in another thread, but I was not met with any Issues/troubleshooting when I tested it in advanced rules.
  5. Dear SI I´ve tried to add Danmarksserien as a playable league in the danish system, it worked without any issues - surprise i thought. But then entering the game I found out, why there was no issues. The game just changed back to the league system as it was before all the new changes. So now the game keeps on with the old system - not changing from 12 to 14 teams in the Superliga in the summer of 2016... I had hoped to be able to build the complete danish league system from top to bottom - but this will not be possible I see :-( Is there any way this will be possible..?
  6. That´s also my thoughts on it, but I would really much like to keep the structure and the changes on this.
  7. Hi there I want to create the "complete" danish league system from Superliga down to lowest league Serie 6, but I don´t want to change anything in the top three leagues. But this gives me a little problem - because I can´t figure out how to mix 4th league into the system, so that everything works and I can go on adding the lower leagues. Can anyone help me on this..?
  8. Just made a huge set of changes - specially players made a bit better - but non of my changes is working in the game. The game has updated to 15.3.0 - aswell as the editor - so this should not be the problem. I have also choosen the edit file in before starting the game, so this would not be the problem either... Really looked forward for this update - but just to get so very dissapointed and frustrated :-(
  9. I would like to create the danish league structure, just as it is now, but I would like the structure to change after 1. season. So that the Superliga goes from 12 teams to 16 teams. So the game starts in 2014 with 12 teams in the Superliga and 1. Division. When the season ends in 2015 I would like 16 teams in both leagues, and at the end of 2. season and forward 2 teams should be relegated from both leagues, and #14 should play #3 in the league below in a playoff. How do I create this..?
  10. I reverifyed again and it seems to work - I use to play in "window" - mode - but I don´t dare switching back now that it works from Fullscreen... Let´s close our other thread Neil: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/413745-Is-it-possible..
  11. When reverifying my cache I get the message that: 7 files could not be validated and will be purchaced again.
  12. No crashes are very random. Fx last night I played the game crashed om august 17, when I restartet the game I began on the last save date august 12, and this time it crashed on august 14 - so no real rythm in when or where it crashes. It just happens when I press continue.
  13. The file name is this: FM 2015 v15.2.0.583900 (2014.12.15 22.40.59).dmp I put it under "fm - game-crash" Let me know if you find it - and hopefully you can solve the crash problem.
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