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  1. Spanish tercera division if anyone can. Looking to start a game managing B teams only. TIA
  2. Haha, don't worry i'm not going to constantly keep moaning. Unless i've missed it there hasn't been any mention of why it's not supported. My main worry is that once the pirates start circulating the game, which lets face it is almost inevitable, people will start sideloading the game onto all manner of allegedly incompatible devices, not all will work but i'd bet a large amount will, leaving those of us who are happy to pay £14.99 rather peeved. Perhaps a closed beta testing program for owners of possibly compatible tablets?, I know this is possible via googles developer tools.
  3. I know there are hundreds of dissapointed owners of various tablets who can't play FMC, particularly the nexus 7, and I know technical limitations mean certain tablets will never get the game (although saying 7in is too small when a vita screen is smaller seems odd) Anyway, I was, like others very disappointed when I realised my tablet wouldn't play FMC. I became even more disappointed when I saw the list of compatible tablets and realised that a number of those supported were actually lower in spec than the Hudl 2. So i'm now wondering why a tablet regularly reviewed as one of the best budget tablets of 2015 is being ignored, could it be because of the atom processor?, apparently not because other supported tablets have them. Is it because SI have just not tested it on one? Well im pretty sure they can afford £129 and a trip to their nearest tesco to pick one up. Maybe it's because at £129 and available to be casually slipped in a trolley by dads doing the grocery shopping at virtually any tesco store the Hudl 2 is too cheap and easily available, or maybe it's just because the camera on the hudl 2 is crap. Either way, the reality is that unless there is some hardware based reason why the Hudl 2 cannot support FMC than it seems like SI have nutmegged themselves because FMC on such a cheap and easily available bit of kit could be a boost to the so far slow sales of the Android version FMC. So what is the official word from SI? If it's a technical issue then this thread is dead in the water, if not then i'm going to keep moaning lol
  4. 2 questions re this. Will it be rolling out to currently unsupported tablets as and when si can test it? And I also am another disappointed hudl 2 owner, as said before by a few others the spec is as good or better than some supported tablets, it runs kit kat, the screen is 8.3 inches so in principle it should work, however it does run an atom processor so maybe this is the problem?
  5. Really happy it's finally out for tablet, I don't know why people are moaning about the price, yes it's expensive and a new version will probably be available around the same time as fm16 pc version in October or November but so what, if you don't like it wait for fmc16. Now a couple of questions, I own a nexus 7 2nd gen and a hudl 2, both are better spec than some of the tablets currently supported, are they likely to be supported in the near future? And secondly can we change the lnc or edt files on tablet ?
  6. I'm sitting top of the conference north with North Ferriby, we have the scored the most goals in our division, our defence is one of the best, clearly we are not a bad side, yet come cup time, we have been absolutely destroyed by far lesser opposition, first losing 4-1 in the FA cup to Rushall olympic, a team one level below us in the pyramid, then 5-0 to Brigg in the FA trophy, a team two levels below us. looking through the cup results a few of my divisional compatriots have also struggled against these type of minnows. Now i'm not going to say this is a bug, it could just be an anomaly, but i am wondering if any other lower league managers have experienced a similar scenario.
  7. Interesting thread, be careful though of overanalyzing things, just because things look dodgy in one game doesn't mean they wont work out in the next one, teams need to gel and every player will have a bad day. So far in the beta i've noticed fitness really deteriorates fast from about November onwards with part time teams, so keep that in mind. Will be keeping an eye on this thread though as it has the potential to be a goldmine of usefulness.
  8. I'm just wondering whether the beta will be PC(Windows) exclusive or if it will be available for mac/linux at the same time too. The FAQ doesn't seem to elaborate and I've had other games in the past only release betas/demos for PC. Does anyone know or shall I just wait and see?
  9. Get teamviewer, it's a remote desktop program, basically the game runs on your pc and you view and control the pc through the tablet (or phone), and voila! full FM on a tablet, i've been doing it a couple of years now. Obviously if you want to play away from home you will need your home pc left running and a data connection on your tablet but it's still the best option you have.
  10. Linux if it runs faster (Xubuntu) , in theory it should but with it being new to linux I expect bugs If it's slower or unstable then my trusty Windows 7. I really don't like the windows 8 interface. Yes it's a better, more efficient OS underneath than Win 7 but the layout is in no way suited to keyboard and mouse, nor is it suited to advanced users who like to get down and dirty with the OS. I will also be trying out installing it to a live linux usb for on the go and see how that works out.
  11. I have seen it suggested that if you delete the folder for this skin and reload the default it will fix it, if you dont want to try that download the FM default base skins from the thread below and use them, this will fix it too. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/322682-Football-Manager-2013-Base-Skins
  12. I wouldn't give up all hope, Android is built on linux and rumour has it that a desktop specific android release will appear in the next two or 3 years, should this actually happen Android will probably eat into the microsoft monopoly and FM and many other big name games will end up being ported.
  13. From the point of view of someone who will be a fully qualified sports scientist later in the year I say it could be a good addition to the game. However my if my job searching has taught me anything it is that most clubs below the top flight rarely employ more than a few professional sports scientists if any at all, the rest of the staff is usually made up of Part time interns who are basically working for peanuts whilst doing their masters or PHD. for examply Swansea were recently advertising for unpaid graduates to work for peanuts whilst being funded through their masters degree. The problem with implementing this in the game is that clubs would have to allocate limits on both full and part-time staff for the same role whichh the game does not already do, you would then need to look at the finances of these staff, Full time Sports scientists are on £30k to £50k a year, interns are usually on anything from basic costs to £15k but the club finances would also need to reflect tuition fees into the equation too. As it is I would suggest adding a sports science dept. to the facilities available in game, with an annual funding cost reflecting the level of facilities and staff involved rather than actually adding a new staff role.
  14. Having exactly the same problem with the Ryman, if it is any help i also use the susie real names lnc file, which has the unique id of 30004923 listed as the ryman d1s, whereas in the game the blank ryman has the unique id 100000492 the first unique id corresponds in the editor with the league whith leicestershire teams in which i believe should be level 12 or 13 of the pyramid and is not playable anyway.
  15. This tactic is still a step in the right direction though, i was struggling with my hull city side in the lower half of the table, drawing lots of games with my tactics the second half of the season with this tactic has seen us rise to within touching distance of the playoffs and reach the fa cup semi's
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