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  1. I've seen on a few sites that people are asking "Should I go with a DLF(s) or DLF(a)" and such. The fact is that these are quite close in what they're asked to do and it's quite difficult to know the difference. What I'd like to see is "dynamic roles". FM should be able to calculate the role you're asking your player to fill based on player instructions. Selecting a new role for a player will just activate the preset instructions, but not locking them. If I change a few instructions so the player will play another role than the one originally selected it would then change to the most apt role. I think this would allow for more precise player instructions and player roles and allow more tactical freedom for the manager.
  2. Interface. It would be nice to have support for dual monitors. The way I picture it is that you can have two screens at the same time, so squad on one monitor and training on another. I'd think this would be particularly useful in matches where you can have all the stats and information on one screen and the match on another. I'm not quite sure how the interface would work though. Statistics/Match view. I would like to be able to see all situations in game. So when I'm analysing the match I can see all clear cut chances which either me or my opponent made. It could also show all of a player's involvement so you can see why the player missed that chance or this pass. Job offers. It should be possible to go via your agent to hear if another club would consider hiring you as a manager before formally applying. This would have less of a detrimental effect to your current position. It could also happen the other way around where a club might ask if you'd be willing to consider moving to their team before offering an interview. This offer could be made before they have even sacked their current manager so they have the backup ready as soon as they sack their current one (As in the case with Poyet - Advocaat at Sunderland)
  3. For my own printing purposes I've made this PDF of Hand of God's excellent work. If anyone wants it here it is. http://www.alanthompsonfm.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/The-Mentality-Ladder.pdf
  4. I'm looking to create a Scandinavian League System for FM14, much like the one I created for FM13. However this time around I would like to have it completely bug free and with as much information as possible. My mission is to mirror the English League System. So that the top 4 tiers is combined leagues. The 5th tier will be the 3 different national leagues, depending on the quality of the FM14 editor this might not be playable. This means that the league structure will look like this: Premier League: 20 teams 1st Division: 24 teams 2nd Division: 24 teams 3rd Division: 24 teams National Leagues: 3 Leagues of 16 teams. Lower leagues is a wish to be added. The leagues will probably be arranged by last achieved league position, but this is subject to discussion. There are numerous jobs to take care of, such as advanced rules editing, changing clubs' nations, creating awards. Hopefully there will be a youth league structure which is completely autonomous from the senior leagues. Which means that a 3rd division club could win the Under-19 championship. I'm looking for: Editors: people to help me edit the league rules and other editor related tasks. Researchers: Once the Editors get working questions will arise, so getting information on some teams is vital. Please contact me on aesbech@gmail.com for more information. I will amend this post as more information becomes clear.
  5. Part 2: The Services of Ryanair “Something to read sir?” The flight hostess asked as she shoved something in Alan’s face for the umpteenth time. “No thank you, miss” Alan said as he gazed back at his new book by Iain Macintosh. The first thing he had done after hanging up with Tony Knight the previous evening was to drive to the local bookstore and pick up all the football litterature they had. Jonathan Wilson, Ken Bray, Rinus Michels and many others was in his carry-on luggage. Hopefully he would have the time to go through them all, as he didn’t have the first clue as to how he should tackle this new situation. Athlone Town FC seemed to Alan like a really small club, the website didn’t even feature a first team profiles. Alan was getting nervous that he would come to a club that would seem run down and in complete disarray. He put his book into the seat pocket in front of him and leaned back thinking about what he knew of Irish football. “Roy Keane is Irish, so is Robbie Keane” he thought, thinking through players he had heard of “Stephen Carr is Irish, isn’t he?” He continued this line of thought for a short while before he eventually turned his thoughts back on Athlone Town. He hadn’t had the time to read the Wikipedia article so he knew almost nothing about the club or the place. The challenge started to look bigger and bigger as each air mile passed. He had booked a moving company to empty his self-storage unit and ship it to Ireland, the club was finding a little house for him but he would stay in the Chairman’s guest bedroom the first few weeks. “Stephen Ireland must be Irish!” Alan interrupted his own train of thoughts. Alan started wondering what kind of level the players at Athlone Town had. He concluded that they couldn’t be much better than the players he had played Sunday League with. Maybe it wasn’t such a big step up from Hardly Athletic to Athlone Town. It actually was, at Hardly Athletic he received a heap of abuse in payment for his coaching, at Athlone Town he would be getting 65£, before taxes, obviously. “It’s not much, but it is a damn sight better than getting the dogs abuse.” Alan thought, whilst looking at the fat man in seat next to him. The fat man had taken over the armrest on Alan’s seat only seconds after the fat man had sat down in his seat and now he was snoring loudly. Alan looked out of the window. “I wonder what kind of house they’ve found for me” Alan thought as he looked out over the big white sea of clouds, “it’s probably going to be one of those with a combined living room. bed room, kitchen and toilet, with a shower in the back yard.” The plane started to ascend as the pilot came on the intercom and told everyone that they were now approaching Dublin, the local weather was rainy and 16 degrees. “Great” Alan thought “Why couldn’t I have gotten a job in the south of Spain?” At this point the annoying air hostess was back almost slapping Alan’s face with a handful of scratch cards. “Would you like a scratch card” she said, whilst seemingly trying to make Alan smell the goods as if that would make them more appealing. “You could win a return trip with any Ryanair flight”. “No thanks” Alan said almost hissing, and quietly thought to himself “Well, maybe I do need a return ticket”.
  6. Part 1: The Job Hunt There wasn’t a job anywhere in the world that would be too small for Alan. He just wanted to go out and start his new life as a football manager. He started by scribbling a small CV listing his achievements at Hardly Athletic and summing up his latest save game in Football Manager, in hope someone would find it sufficient enough ground to employ him. He got in contact with most of the European football federations and asked if they could provide a list of clubs that were looking for a young manager, and ended up sending letters to 28 different countries in hope of getting employed. He started wondering what a job in Hong Kong or New York would be like. That would be great. Alan went to the mailbox every day to see if he had gotten a reply. He would check his email every hour. However the hours became days, the days became weeks and Alan still sat in a big armchair in his mother’s living room watching the Premier League on Sky. As time wore on Alan thought that he would never get a chance to manage a big football club. Not even a small one, not even one of those where the dressing room is a trailer, the stands are 4 Euro-pallets on top of each other, and the club’s chairman, green keeper and supporter is the same person. The entire adventure seemed hopeless. How was it that he ended up at 32, living at his mum’s place and the only viable education he had was his coaching badges? It was a rather rainy day late in July and Alan was getting ready to watch the Europa League match between St. Johnstone and Vitesse on an illegal stream found on some Eastern European website. He had just slumped into his usual armchair when the phone rang, angrily he got up and picked up his mobile. The number was unknown. “Hello?” Alan immediately regretted picking up the phone; it must be some telemarketer he thought. “Alright mate!” said the voice on the other end. “Alright? – Who is this?” asked Alan even more bewildered than before. “Oh, sorry it’s Tony Knight from Athlone Town Football Club, I’m calling you be...” Alan interrupted “Listen Dave, this isn’t funny you can drop that silly Irish accent, I’m about to watch the game”. “I’m sorry? I’m not Dave” Said the man on the other end of the line “I am Tony Knight from Athlone Football Club – I want to offer you a job”. Alan took a moment to realise what he had just been told and after what seemed like hours it dawned on him. This guy is the chairman or director of football in some football club that wants me as their next manager. He actually had a chance of becoming a football manager. “Alan? Are you there?” Tony Knight asked. “Yes” He said confused “Yes I am, your phone call just struck me with surprise that is all”. “OK, we’ve read you resume, you seem like an intelligent young man and we would like to offer you the chance to become our next manager”. “Well of course, but I don’t know anything about you or the team. Where are you from?” Alan asked knowing what the answer might be. “We’re from Ireland, we play in the little town of Athlone, the name pretty much gives it away” Tony Knight said “We can offer you a 75€ per week full time contract. However most of our players are amateurs and our staff is part time”. “Well I haven’t heard anything else, so why not take the chance?” Alan asked rethorically “When do you want me there?” “Can you be here tomorrow” Tony Knight asked “I’m already looking at Ryanair tickets” Alan responded.
  7. I got the idea yesterday that I wanted to make a U19 Champions League. This cannot be done with the leagues in the database at the moment. So I'm thinking of adding a whole new U19 league system in the biggest European countries and from there pick the teams going into the U19 CL. I haven't uncovered all the issues as the idea isn't even 24 hours old. I'm afraid that some of my ideas would have to be made in the advanced editor, but a simple version might work aswell. I like your ideas however I'm in doubt as to your league setup in the cup. IMO it's not a cup if there's a league element in it.
  8. Index Prologue: Meet Alan Thompson Chapter 1 - Athlone Town Part 1: The Job Hunt Part 2: The Services of Ryanair Part 3: Great Pat's dog Part 4: Meeting the team Part 5: The First Game Part 6: The Long Road Home Part 7: Rookie Mistakes Part 8: Do You Speak Bulgarian? Part 9: Stoilov’s List Part 10: You Don’t Win Anything With Kids Part 11: The Longford Rivalry Part 12: Back to basics Part 13: The Fall of Athlone Town Prologue: Meet Alan Thompson ”Alan!” an angry voice came from downstairs. ”Alan!” the voice bellowed. Alan turned over and tried to cover his ears with his pillow. -”Alan! Breakfast is ready!” the voice continued. Slowly Alan sat up on his bed looking around his room. What on earth did he do to deserve to be here? He looked to the wooden dresser by the door; the glass framed clock was showing that it was 8.30 am on a Saturday morning. Alan thought of the football fixtures, “who was playing the early game today? Swansea – Liverpool?” It wouldn’t matter anyway as Alan would do exactly what he has done the past eight weeks, sit in his armchair and watch every game on TV. It wasn’t exactly his armchair nor was it his dresser or even his clock, in fact the only things that were his in the house was the sky+ box, his clothes and some of his books and DVDs. All of his stuff was in a self-storage unit and had been there since his fiancée had thrown him out of the house for not having hovered properly. She would never let him watch his football because that was when Coronation Street, Eastenders, Neighbours, Dallas, Dynasty, Days of our Lives, The Jeremy Kyle Show, and some Korean Sitcom was on. “What have I done to deserve this?” Alan muttered to himself whilst looking towards the mirror that stood next to bed. The guy looking back seemed like he was past his due date, he had a brown mess at the top of his head which seems more like a dark bale of hay than an actual hairdo. The stubble on his chin must have been at least 5 days old. He must have been carrying at least 2 stone too much which made him look at least 10 years older. He stood there pondering his life, Alan Thompson, 32 years of age, single, broke, and miserable. His poor physique was what ended up deciding that he should do his coaching badges. He was playing for a local Sunday league team called Hardly Athletic, a good joke at the time he signed up, but quickly realized that it was just a joke. Most of the guys there could run 10 miles, do push-ups for 20 minutes, haul the all the clubs kit on to practice field, and shag the neighbour’s missus without even breaking a sweat. Alan usually spent an entire game on the bench looking on, the few times he actually got on the pitch he was put up as a striker, because that was where he was least rubbish. The only real break that Alan got in the team was when the team started looking for a coach, no one volunteered. At some point in the discussion one of Alan teammates pointed to Alan and said that Alan would be a great coach as he was usually sitting on the bench anyway. Alan accepted on the condition that all players should chip in to pay for his coaching badges. The only thing that was right in Alan’s life was the fact that 2 weeks ago he got his coaching badges. Alan looked at himself in the mirror and said to himself. “I want to become a football manager!” He thought about the prospect of standing on the touchline at White Hart Lane calling obscure hand signals to the players whilst the crowd was singing his name. He looked at himself intently and said out loud. “You’d be a terrific manager. You’d be the best. Gaffer.” He looked around grabbed his trousers and put them on. “ALAN!” the voice called from downstairs. “I’m coming Mum, take it easy!”
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