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  1. This is an amazing tactic dave..imo the best i have ever played with. I am Man U in 2021 and i just beat blackpool 15-1...Have played 17 games so far, scored 85 goals and conceded only 7 in the EPL..Talk about amazing!!!!..thanks for the wonderful tactic
  2. Looking Forward to trying this Mr Hough....You should name ur next tactic..John Cena checking in to the Rock's smackdown hotel or the rocks gonna whoop cena's candy ass..lol
  3. Thanks for the replies @gareth and michael..Will try it out
  4. Hey can someone please answer my question? I am using patch 12.0.4. Does the tactic lose its effectiveness despite the fact that it was used for 12.1...........Thank You
  5. Hey Dave will the tactic be effective on the 12.0.4 patch because I do not have steam updates and I am not updated upt till the latest patch..thanks
  6. Hey Marcelo, any chance that u might make a more defensive version of ur tweak. I score a ton load with them but seem to concede....I must give u and Fuss the props, but this tactic produces some really beautiful one touch footie
  7. Yes it is Santa, do you think you will be getting ur elfs to work on the attacking side in the hope for another release?
  8. This tactic in my opinion is the least adventurous of Mr. Hough's tactic's attacking wise. I do not create that many CCC's..Highest I have created since using the tac has been 3 in a game..Defensively it seems to be more solid than the rest..However, I have been having a lot of 1 nil victories and I knw without a doubt that the attacking prowess is in my team. I am using United and I won the Quadruple last season even scoring 117 goals in the EPL and conceding 26
  9. ok I think it's about time I let everyone know how I am doing with Mr. Hough's fantastic tactic. I am currently Man United, in my first season I won everything(Shield, League Cup. FA , EPL and Champs).. even though I was scoring I felt I was conceding quite a lot. I scored 120 goals and conceded 34 at the end of the season in the EPL Now in my second season using the same team except I bought Hamsik and Moura and applied the defensive tweaks....and I also put my match prep on defending setpeices. I am currently 16 games in the EPL, have already scored 55 and conceded only 2(freaking amazing!!!)..i even broke my clean sheet record...already won the european super cup and club world championship... Hats off to you Mr. Hough for making such a good tactic....
  10. I prefer a quick defender because the likely hood of them being caught out by through balls is very low but a slow defender would always have a high chance being caught out by those kind of balls even with the d0line set back....at times, I still get caught out with through balls even when d dline is deep(wen playing with vidic and ferdinand together)
  11. I don't have any idea of how to upload a tactic, besides it is Mr. Hough's brilliance..not mine(not tryna take the shine off him at all)....it is the same tactic that Mr.Hough uploaded but the DM are set to zonal marking as he advised and the D-Line is at the first notch of deep setting because I have Vidic and Ferdinand who are not the fastest of defenders.... However, when I play with VIdic/ Ferdinand partnered with Evans/Smalling, my D-line is set at two notches before the Deep setting.... these are the adjustments I made to my tactic mate