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  1. Game of the Season Engordany - FS Massana
  2. March - April 2013. FS Massana 4-0 Lusitans B Phenomenal stuff! Very easy victory! I'm now trying to use my YP in the game. YP1 received 7.1 and YP3 - 7.0. Casa Benfica 2-4 FS Massana Game of the season! We played against 3rd placed Casa Benfica... We were 3-0 up after half time, but our rivals remained cool and scored two at the start of the second half! Anyone could've won the game... These three points may be crucial... FS Massana 3-2 Principat B Lucky result... Principat B is the last team in the league, so I decided to use some backup players, including 5 out 6 YP. There was also a cherry on the cake - a beauty of a goal! Penya Encarnada 0-2 FS Massana Very difficult win, we are a win away from grabbing a play-off spot... FS Massana 0-0 Santa Coloma B Damn... Not a good time to lose points... YP5 could've clinched the 3 points today but the goalie didn't want to concede. Encamp 1-3 FS Massana Some more crazy football! 1-0 down, 2 own goals... and a play-off spot secured! But this ain't all... Just wait and see the table! And the last game of the season is... Engordany - FS Massana!!!
  3. "Chester - The Art Of Youth Development"

    The new youth intake should help you with promotion next season
  4. Youth Candidates Day - 2013 Four players were signed: YP3 - DM - best player this year, has some more potential YP4 - MC - not bad, we'll see how he develops YP5 - ST - a speedy striker. Some more Finishing and a good poacher maybe? YP6 - ST - good mental skills (in comparison with other strikers) Our previous intakes: YP1 - DM - from 1.5 silver stars to 4.5 silver stars within a year. Learned a move: Knocks ball past opponent. +1 to Composure, Off The Ball, Stamina, +2 to Strength, -1 to Balance. 13 matches - 2 goals, 3 assists, 7.05 rating. Retrained to be DM/MC. ==== YP2 - DC - from 2.5 silver stars to 4.5 silver stars within a year. No learned moves. +1 to Corners, Dribbling, Finishing, First Touch, Free Kick Taking, Long Shots, Long Throws, Marking, Passing, Penalty Taking, Technique, Anticipation, Concentration, Creativity, Positioning, Teamwork, Work Rate, Acceleration, Agility, Pace, Stamina, +3 to Strength. No matches for First Team. ----------- I have been allowed to sign two more Coaches (5 in all): Cristian Ponce - Eric Bousenine Training has been recalculated. Ivan Gomez Marquez has left our club to join Casa Benfica (or rather Casa benfica stole him...).
  5. November 2012 - February 2013 FS Massana 3-1 Penya Encarnada At last, a win against Penya! But how about this for a strike!!! Santa Coloma B 1-3 FS Massana We were 1-0 down but fought hard to grab the victory. Once more - some magnificent football! FS Massana 1-2 Encamp We were outplayed in the midfield and didn't deserve even a point, so a fair result... FS Massana 0-1 Atletic d'Escaldes How unlucky can you be... We had 10 shots and only 1 on target... Didn't recognize my own strikers today... FS Massana 0-2 Engordany Houston, we have a problem... third defeat in a row, this time against league leaders... Goodbye promotion chances? Engordany 0-0p FS Massana (Andorran Cup 2nd Qual. Rnd) Happy New Year and a warm welcome to a very tough match in the Cup! We stood firmly and beat our opponent 4-1 on penalties! Atletic d'Escaldes 3-0 FS Massana (Andorran Cup 3rd Qual. Rnd) I have no words... 4-game goal drought, we had 3 first team players injured before the game... Just look at the game stats... how can we score if strikers fail to find the target?? U.E. Santa Coloma B 1-3 FS Massana Finally! A win! Three points! Game on!!!
  6. The second one was a Friendly
  7. Andorran Glory - Featuring Jesus

    As good as champions already
  8. September-October 2012 Atletic d'Escaldes 0-2 FS Massana Fully dominated the game and could have scored more. Marti Garcia (YP1) played in his first competitive game, he became youngest ever FS Massana player (15 years 64 days) and got himself a 6.7 rating for the game. Quite a nice player we have. FS Massana 3-1 U.E. Santa Coloma B Best game ever! We went down to 10 men on the 2nd minute! Phenomenal stuff from my players! And you should really see Marti Garcia's (YP1) first senior goal - a rocket! Brilliant stuff from the lad - 8.4 and MoM! And a second club record is broken by him - youngest goalscorer at the age of 15 years and 72 days. Lusitans B 1-0 FS Massana A draw would have been a fair result... but that's football... FS Massana 4-3 Casa Benfica I guess our defenders got bored so they decided to help our rivals with some goals... It was always a win for us. And yet again - YP1 got a goal and an assist for desert! Principat B 0-2 FS Massana Some more good play from our midfielders. YP1 helped his opponent to score an own goal and he hit the woodwork, a bit unlucky today for this wonderkid. And now for the best part:
  9. I hope so too... junior Coaching upgraded twice. March will tell, I need decent AMC's )
  10. [FM12] Taking Liechtenstein to the Top

    Wolfinger is a beast for this level. Nice goin', sure to get promoted.
  11. FS Massana - Season 2012/2013 Preview Pre-Season Fixtures - General Info - Facilities - Finances - First Team Squad Manager Profile - Manager Stats And just before the first game of the new season I got myself some presents from the board.
  12. FS Massana - Season 2011/2012 Overview Media Prediction - 9th Final Position - 6th Best game - FS Massana 2-0 Extremenya Worst game - FS Massana 2-3 Penya Encarnada Best striker - Xavier Andorra Hernández (7 goals in 17 matches) Best assist - Gregorio Ramírez Molina (4 assists in 16 matches) Best rating - Rui Vaz Pinto (6.88 rating in 18 games) Fan's Player of the Year - Rui Vaz Pinto First Team Stats - Results - Table - Finances - Confidence Summary - Season Summary
  13. March-April 2012 Encamp 1-0 FS Massana Very unlucky... Our striker hit the post on the 91st minute... Should've been a draw. FS Massana 2-0 Santa Coloma B A hard and nervous win for us! Our rival played with a few First Team players and we had to play tight to grab the 3 points. Extremenya 0-0 FS Massana We were lucky to grab a draw. The situation at the top at the top of the table is crazy... gonna be an interesting end to the season! FS Massana 1-1 Casa Benfica And again some luck! Casa Benfica deserved to win... Really nervous before the last games of the season. Lusitans B 2-0 FS Massana I guess that's it... We are 5th and only 2 points stand between us and... 9th position! Extremenya is 90% promoted. FS Massana 2-3 Penya Encarnada Thank you! One of our best defenders, Claudio Saez, brought in an own goal and a penalty... We were 3-0 down and managed to get back into the game... But... FS Massana 2-0 Atletic d'Escaldes We finished the season with a shout by fully dominating the game.
  14. How about this idea: Manager can send coaches to visit seminars. As an example: I am playing for Leeds. I want to send my assistant manager or coach to a tactical seminar. The seminar will cost the club 100k pounds. The higher ambition and/or determination and/or professionalism - the higher is the chance that my coach will have a "+1 increase" to the tactical training. We can build a scale, so that money needed to be spent will vary. Say, if the coach has Tactical Coaching 10 - the seminar will cost 50k. If Tactical Coaching is 15 - the seminar will cost 500k. I guess everyone understands what i mean - there can be many ways to integrate this into FM13. Only if SI is interested in the idea.