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  1. Have an utter legend at my club who is nearing the end of his playing career. His bio said he wanted to become a scout so I suggested it it him in the 'recommend future staff role' option. He got very excited and said he could become a scout right now. I turned it down as I didn't want to risk losing him as a player. So my question is if I agreed to his suggestion would I have the option to offer him a contract or would it force me to do so, and if so can a someone take a player/scout contract? Thanks
  2. I got very excited when a player with my last name, Fleming, came through my youth system at Crewe but on further inspection I wasn't in his favoured personnel and he wasn't born in Crewe. So I concluded it was a lucky coincidence and released him because he was terrible!
  3. My team winning the African Premier League by 1 goal, wow! Some terrifyingly good youth talent coming through the ranks too. Shame it looks like it gonna be wiped but I don't mind if the majority wants to restart.
  4. Underwhelming seasons for both my teams, bring on next year! Interestingly there appear to be very few major, big-name signings so far. It will be interesting to see how this progresses. PS loving the update format you have got going on!
  5. I can only reiterate what the guys before me have said. This is going to be amazing. The only question now Dave, is when is that first update coming
  6. Thanks Dave, can I place my £3million in the transfer budget for my Ivory Coast team, Des Etoiles Mondiales. Can't wait for this to get started!
  7. Panama: Name - Los Trabajadores del Conducto Stadium - Camp Viaje Kits/Colours - Home: Red and White halved shirt with blue shorts and White socks Away: Blue shirts with red diagonal stripe, White shorts and White socks Enjoy!
  8. Iran: Name - Alipolis Stadium - April the 1st Stadium Kits/Colours - Home: Orange shirts with Lime green trim, White shorts and socks Away: White shirts with lime green trim, lime green shorts and socks
  9. Kenya: Name - Massai Warriors Stadium - Kikuyu Arena Kits/Colours - Home: All White with PSG red stripe and red numbers Away: Black shirts, red shorts and green socks with White numbers
  10. YES! THE FORM Nationality: United Arab Emirates Name of Club: Al-Khalifa FC Chairman Name: Jamie Henry Chairman stats will be random, with the exception of loyalty. Don't want you leaving, do we? Home Kit: White shirts, black shorts, red socks Away Kit: All Purple Stadium Name: Burj Sporting Complex Preferred Manager:Jean Tigana (he is in the game right?) Chairmen have been granted £100m each to spend on the following areas: Youth facilities (£1m per level): 1 Youth academy (£10m): No Training facilities (£1m per level):15 Stadium Size (starts at 15000, £5m for each additional 5000): 45,000 (30mil) Reputation (starts at 3000, £4m for each additional 500): 7,000 (32mil) Transfer Funds: 21mil Bank Balance Whatever is left over: 1mil Let's have some fun with this second team, they only go big in the UAE
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