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  1. Ban Suarez for Life

    Well what would you call it? Cheating is breaking the rules to gain an unfair advantage.
  2. Ban Suarez for Life

    it doesn't matter if he was punished or not. It was still technically cheating.
  3. Ban Suarez for Life

    Well it is cheating, he purposefully broke the rules, I would have done exactly the same though.
  4. anyone else watching on the bbc site and it looks like the camera is going too fast? watching it and it is blurring, giving me a headache.
  5. The Let us Laugh at England thread

    We'll win the next one!
  6. The Official English National Football Team Thread

    I think I want penalties.
  7. Hope both games are identical draws, so we cn see this farce that is a lot to decide who goes through.
  8. So, how do lots work?

    My mate told me they would do this and I couldn't believe it, it is insane.
  9. TBF, some people have gone a bit ott with the anti english stufff, either through bitterness or just exagerating because they think it is funny to wind people up, but gregg really hasn't been one of them. He is just giving his opinion the same he would for any other team in the tournemant, without bias opinion.
  10. He was pretty average really. Still love him for that tackle though.
  11. The Official USA Thread

    Glad you lot are though. Good Luck!
  12. Pretty epic for the USA. Although they ruined my Saturday, was hoping for a night game.
  13. I thought I'd be positive today as I've been cautious and cynical the last two games and that hasn't worked. Everyone in the office is really nervous and down, I hope we do win by a few so I can just say 'I TOLD YOU!.