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  1. Ask Cristiano Ronaldo, it does happen.
  2. In my game they have the Rijkaard Stadium, with 77 055 seats, built in 2039 so it could happen.
  3. Thanks, that means it isn't impossible at least. I'm playing as Newport County (Wales) in the English Premier League, I've won the treble two years in a row, the league 6 times in a row and I top the european ranking and the club is the third richest in the world, so I suppose my clubs rep is quite good. It's been 15 years since they built the stadium and they took a loan that was supposed to be payed until the year I'm in now, however the club re-paid that loan maybe 5 years ago. I really hope I can get a new stadium (preferrably with my name since I am the only club legend), otherwise I almost feel lika quitting.
  4. How do you do "real time editing"?
  5. But if £100m isn't enough, shouldn't they come back and say "we dont have enough money?", isn't that how it works? Otherwise I could agree that that could be a problem. If you can't have two stadiums built in one save game, then I have a massive problem because the stadium only takes 26 800 right now and even if I'm very succesful atm I think it will be hard to keep up without more money.
  6. My stadium is sold out week in and week out, I have no loans, £100 million in the bank, and when I ask the board to expand the stadium they agree, but every summer nothing happens? I've tried expanding the stadium for about 10 years but nothing happens, and I get no message why, for example a message saying they can't expand due to the council blocking it. What should I do? I'm desperate, I have to sell players each year not to loose money even though I play in the pl and cl. I'd also like to add that they have expanded the stadium earlier in my game and even built a new stadium 15 seasons ago but after that nothing has happened.
  7. Average attendance ..

    The attendances are about the same as in real life, and your original question is already answered.
  8. I think you try to hard, set up a formation and a tactic that suits your players, then have a different tactic for when you need a goal and maybe one for defending a lead, too much tinkering will have a negative effect IMO. And I believe more than two formations is too much.
  9. Yes two sliders please. Just because some people don't understand them shouldn't mean you should remove a good feature. You don't miss these kind of things until they're gone. Bring them back please, I'm begging you.
  10. I know the improved confidence-screen was announced but I really like that when I play as Manchester United the board doesn't care about the league cup or the charity shield, which is a thing I thought was really missing last year.
  11. Arranging friendlies

    Thanks for responding Ter. I have no idea how the game works "behind the scenes", just thought it would be a good idea. Glad to hear that you at least are looking at solutions because it takes a lot of time and is just plain boring.
  12. Player search idea

    How about they bring back the feature where you could search for a player that matched for example 5 out of 7 set attributes.
  13. When I arrange friendlies, I want to be able to see all clubs that's interested instead of having to guess. And also, if a team declines then they dissappear from the list of teams if I'm arranging a league, it would be better if they remained cause often I want to try and offer them more money.
  14. I had a team-mate who was supposed to go on holiday for the next game and was one yellow card away from suspension, so our "manager" told him to get a yellow. So when there was about 5 minutes left he stood a meter from a free-kick, but the ref only said step away from there, but he just stood there and the ref and the opponents looked very surprised, and finally he got a yellow card. Very funny and absurd situation. I wonder what they thought lol