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  1. Captain of Nation Resigning

    Ha ha that is class, by the way, a few translation issues here I detect. I assume braclet should be arm band, and isn't it a breath of fresh air? I realise my Spanish is terrible now, I could barely read it. Oh, did you say you LOST to Belarus!?
  2. Financial fair play regulations

    I think you wrong there. It "starts" season 2011/12...and they calculate over the next two seasons, so EUFA will not perform any punishments until the end of 2013/14 I imagine.
  3. Fmrte help

    Basically I have downloaded the file (the last updated FM10 version) and all I can do is uninstall or repair. There is no option to actually use it or anything. I am sure I am being an absolute plonker, and its very simple, I just wanted to have a look at my players more indepthly, as I do not currently play it anymore, and just curious. Can someone help, I have asked on the PC/MAC General forums for maximum audience. Thank You
  4. Rivaldo and ronaldo

    That made me laugh, such sarcasm, such brilliance. This was then backed up by reading the lattermentioned threads that this "Puevlo" has started. If he were a player on fm, surely his preferred move would be "likes to wind up officials" no? It wound me up, and I knew he is just joking....well, I so sincerely hope it is a windup!
  5. Easy!!!

    Can he not just spoiler proof it?
  6. Team Talk - Players in odd order

    I had the same problem on the demo, haven't played the full game yet, surely someone knows!
  7. happening to anyone else ???

    Yes, its really annoying, and it happens regardless if its your own teams results or not. But why?
  8. Can you get sacked on FM11 Demo?

    Cheers guys, and yes he was indeed actually "very insecure" but still continued losing. Recent results being 6-0 and 6-0 albeit against Liverpool and Chelsea since that job security status was placed on his head. He can't last much longer now!
  9. My friend was Birmingham and didn't win for 17 games, losing 15 of them. Yet he didn't get sacked...surely he should be?
  10. FM 2011: Regen Poaching

    An article I read today also supports your suggestion that in the past it has been too easy to do this but under different circumstances. Its a few paragraphs into it which discusses the under-18 poaching point. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/9046275.stm
  11. I completely agree, I think he has been rated as a "Good Premier League player" for around 4 years now. 15+ in a lot of key attribute areas as well, with heading and finishing sticking to mind if I recall correctly. Maybe not Top 4, but Top Half always a key player.
  12. I think Chung-yung Lee is under-rated. Given those awards last season, and many people still not knowing him fully (myself included as I just called his South Korean kiddy). Matty Etherington is another player I really admire. But I don't think Park-Ji Sung is underrated neither is Samba.
  13. FM 11: who will you be

    Brighton this year....I have been them multiple times and at least some point on every game since CM 01/02, however, I only managed on one save on FM10 which was only Liverpool. I will be Brighton on the demo to see who the real dead wood is, then once the game hits, the mighty Seagulls are gonna be have a new and improved Gus Poyet to contend with.
  14. longest unbeaten run???

    78 with Liverpool spreading from 22/09/2022 to 31/10/2024 ....something like that. To be honest, like someone else mentioned, it gets a lot easier as the game goes on, but I was happy to get the unbeaten in one season achievement non-the-less.
  15. Full Backs and goal scoring

    I play with wing back, both always exceeding the 10 assists mark, but scoring around 1/2 a season...I wouldn't ask for any more than that to be honest, averaging at 7.71 for both, I love them to bits.