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  1. The #13

    Always use 13 for my 2nd goalkeeper, assuming the 1st 'keeper doesn't want some unorthodox number.
  2. And after committing first degree murder and storming out, having a Greek surname that just happens to end with -gelou brings forth the news headline: xxxxxxxgelou-sy! lambasting my media handling skills. Which would be witty and relevant if it could be pronounced anything like 'lousy'. It's actually closer to 'jealousy' which seems to suggest something completely different, a little something behind the scenes. The usual tabloid trash.
  3. free agents

    In the editor you could go Settings>Maximum Records for Search>Unlimited. Then for People add a bunch of Job filters (Player; Manager; Coach; etc.). You may also want to filter by each individual division or by nation in case your computer can't cope with a zillion records loading. Then select all staff/players (Ctrl+A) click edit, then contract. Under club it'll be empty click on the drop down and select None anyway. Done!
  4. Hey guys, I've expanded the A-League to a closed two-tiered system without finals, and I'm having some trouble with the Australian ACL qualification spots; because the league is over two calendar years, the game is pulling the allotted teams from the table as it stands on the ACL season update day (Jan 1) instead of the teams as they placed at the end of the last season. So is there any way of getting it to pull teams only from completed league seasons? Or will I have to change the A-League season to a winter competition within a single calendar year, like Japan, China, S.Korea, etc? And is there any way of getting the "Qualification" section in the league rules which talks about continental qualification spots to reappear with the custom rules activated? And does it matter that it's not there? Cheers for any feedback
  5. Asian Continent Rules Problem

    Does anyone know if there's a solution to this problem?
  6. Annoying UI issue, but when you click on a nation the top players section is empty, you have to click the arrow down to the next nation and click back for it to update and display them. Little disappointed the A-League title bug still hasn't been fixed.
  7. Back to back European titles with two completely different teams is pretty amazing. Not a long list of guys who've managed that.
  8. I'd say "player power" or respect and likewise is represented in game by the individual players' rep, in comparison to the manager's. Plus alienating players in game makes them annoyed, disrupts the team. And while I agree Villas-Boas at Porto is the most relevant example, we also have to consider he'd been coaching the youth team for years, spent time with the management group at Ipswich, acted as scout under two very well known managers at multiple world class clubs, and managed a national team. The starting experience levels in FM as they're written don't really account for any of that. He may have had little playing experience apart from the local leagues, but his footballing experience in general was at the highest level. Besides: in game-terms, he gets the home nation reputation boost in Portugal ---------------------------------------------------------------- A "Sunday-League Footballer" has no experience of any of those things that go on. Just imagine: You make it into your local semi-pro side, and all of a sudden they drag some guy off the street and he's in charge of running things, and barking orders. No respect for him, football wise. He's never played more than a social kick-about. Your team does well under the charge of this guy who supposedly had no clue. From a player's standpoint, they did all the work, they are the reason the team is doing well. The "manager" has no experience, so what does he really know? Just looking from the outside in, it has to be the players who brought about the success. Your team continues to do well, and so on. My question is, at what point is it brilliant managing by a nobody, and no longer just brilliant playing by a group of footballers? That manager has got to prove himself for years, quite literally, for people to take note (in game terms, for his rep to increase). Especially at the lowest levels, where the difference between doing brilliantly or mediocre can hinge on a single quality player. This works well with the far lower reputation for competitions at these levels, on the notion that with one or two good signings you can dominate, and your success is less to do with your active management skills and more to do with the players in your team. The fact that somebody with no experience can start at the bottom and conquer the world is what's unrealistic. But that's the fantasy Football Manager provides, otherwise we'd not have a game to play! Bringing it back round to the OP, I do feel that reputation gain for individual match victories is a little on the low side for matches you're expected to lose. I'm unsure if you get a reputation increase which takes into account your end of season league position vs. expectation, but for the lower leagues with their minute competition reps, that'd be negligible anyway.
  9. Agent fees

    Yeah definitely, if agents are being truly stupid, there's plenty of time in the window and the player is "very interested" then bailing on negotiations is a good move. EDIT: Does anyone know if the agent's relationship with you, when you withdraw, deteriorates to the same degree as having them pull out of long negotiations?
  10. To be fair, every one of those men were accomplished professionals. Mourinho on the other hand, even he was playing in the Portuguese second tier. And he was still at Rio Ave when they made it to the first division, regardless whether or not he played any games at the top level. Andre Villas-Boas, whilst being the closest example, basically reinforces FM logic. He's a very smart manager, but he got no respect at Chelsea. FM correctly predicted he'd get the sack. He doesn't have high enough reputation, which is why in game he always got the sack then moved around mid-table Prem teams and abroad. From a reputation standpoint, he wasn't ready from Chelsea. But back to the issue, I do think there should be more substantial gains in manager reputation for exceeding expectations.
  11. In Australia if you get 2 home matches against another team in one season, the following season you only get 1 against them, to balance it out
  12. Gotta agree with Barside on Belgium. If you want a good European-based game, it's a lot of fun. There's enough home-grown restrictions for the domestic league to make building for European success a challenge, but it's still reputable enough in the beginning that you can attract some decent players, and older ex-Prem guys. You also learn French, so it's a decent step if you're playing a Journeyman career and want an early shot at international management, with a number of francophone countries in western/central Africa.
  13. Very much yes. 3 seperate updates totalling over 600mb, steam then telling me the 4th would be over a gigabyte, complete uninstall of steam + FM, reinstall FM from disc, then another 7 updates in excess of 1100mb before FM would finally load. Some serious de-synchronisation going on with steam, or something. The game loads now, that's enough for the moment. I do really hope SI are making a much larger profit this year through requiring steam and kicking out some pirates so the game gets a little more attention, as frankly it adds little value to the end user otherwise. </obligatory steam rant> More relevant feedback: For the A-League, glad you now finally get a league win awarded in your manager history for winning the premiership, although strangely you don't get anything in your bibliography about it And there's no recorded win in your manager history for taking out the finals series, BUT whoever wins the "Finals Series" gets an "A-League (Regular Season)" mention in their bibliography instead, which is obviously wrong :confused: Besides that mix-up, impressed with the Aussie data updates, players like espindola, mattei, matty thurtell, vrteski, usai (previously quality Lower league free transfers) all slotted in and rearranged where they should. Good to see Tom Rogic (who despite being at the nike academy wasn't even given a position in the release database) dealt with too, and the state league teams got attention.
  14. another patch? updated to fm12.2.0

    I've had an initial 303mb update, then FM wouldn't start, then steam started downloading another 243mb one, didn't start, so verified cache then a 75.8mb update starts which finished, and instantly changed to saying that it's updated 1468.5 out of 2636.9mb. It's beyond a joke at this point.
  15. Never spent more than 16 million on a player. Tighter than Wenger.