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  1. How are you getting Nkoulou for £3 mil? Plus he wants an outragious wage. And there is no room in the wage budget for Lille... Seems like a challenge to say the least.
  2. Any good free transfers or absolute bargains that would be willing to join the 3.Bundesliga or 3.liga in Spain?
  3. I never do, 'cause I've had a couple of instances where I didn't even get a budget for January (with Marseille and Man U)... I know it must be a bug, but it's bad enough, so I never disable the first transfer window.
  4. His contract always runs out after season one. So if you bought him, you must not have noticed or City renewed it.
  5. It expires after season one... He must have signed a new one in your save.
  6. He's in his last year of contract with City. My hope is they don't renew his contract.
  7. I have three saves going atm., but I can't decide which one to commit to... I've played the pre-season of all three, but still can't make up my mind. Even worse than that, I always come up with new teams I'd like to manage, then start a save with them and delete my other saves. I hate it
  8. I really wanna do a Valencia save, I just don't know if I have the patience to turn around the finance... Could take several years.
  9. Started a save as Anderlecht a few days ago... It's going well. A little too well. Although the season is just getting started, I'm feeling extremely confident. Two signings made, Matias Arezo and Isak Pettersson. Both will join us on January 1st.
  10. Can you hire staff without a transferbudget? That's a different budget, right?
  11. Casper Højer is amazing... It's only a matter of time before he goes abroad. His left foot really fires some canonballs. Fun fact: He's the son of former Denmark striker Steffen Højer
  12. I applaud you for taking my team into the CL... Would never happen in real life We have a joke in Aarhus, that as soon as AGF wins their first league match, everyone thinks they'll win the Champions League xD I comes from the fans never giving up, despite the team disapointing us for year after year (latest trophy was in 1996), but with a great UEFA Cup run to follow. A cup final and a third place finish in recent years, has however restored faith amongst the fans. In real life, we're currently 3rd after 13 games.
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