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  1. I'm currently playing with Brexit disabled, yet one of my Norwegian January transfer signings needed a work permit... Why's that? I signed two Norwegians at the start of the save without needing Work Permits.
  2. I'm having troubles now, more than ever... Quit my Anderlecht save, do to being screwed over by the board in season 2. Quit my Crystal Palace save 'cause it was going "Too well" (We were in 2nd place come January, 8 points down to 3rd place) Quit my Ajax save after a season... Don't really remember why *Sigh* I'm a hopeless cause
  3. He's my number one target, but both Club Brügge and Benfica are interested in him... So I might not get him.
  4. Yeah, Guindo is getting some games off the bench, as Nmecha is simply superb atm., with 14 goals in 12 matches. And I do plan on eventually selling Verschaeren and Arezo for big bucks. Luckily, 95% of the transfers I have my eye on in the summer, is gonna be free, as they have contract expiry in the summer of 2021. So hopefully, I can keep the money spending at a minimum and sell a few off for some hopefully big money. And I really hope I can overthrow Club Brügge, as finishing second would mean qualifying matches for the CL against some big teams.
  5. So... Gone with Anderlecht, and it's going... well, I suppose. The finances are awfull, and we're currently £20 million in the red, and counting. We need to make the Champions League this year! In the league, it's pretty much a two-team race, with Club Brügge going insane, scoring 4 or 5 goals a match. Only made one signing, a young american on a free transfer. Three players coming in on January 1st: Matias Arezo £1,6 mil, Isak Pettersson Free, Sigurd Grønli Free
  6. That's a bummer... That'll really turn me off from managing them...
  7. Exactly what does the board step in on? Will they block transfers fx.?
  8. Haha, I always sign Ahmedhozic and Arezo if I can afford them.
  9. Started a save with Lille OSC. It's challenging do to their finances, but I'll give it a go. I sold José Fonte as he was 36 and didn't want to sign a new contract. In came Anel Ahmedhozic from Malmö and Nicolas Nkoulou from Torino. Matias Arezo is joining in January. In the league, 7 games played and I'm sitting 3rd behind PSG and Lyon. My Europa League group consists of myself, Olympiakos, Feyenoord and Leicester.
  10. How are you getting Nkoulou for £3 mil? Plus he wants an outragious wage. And there is no room in the wage budget for Lille... Seems like a challenge to say the least.
  11. Any good free transfers or absolute bargains that would be willing to join the 3.Bundesliga or 3.liga in Spain?
  12. I never do, 'cause I've had a couple of instances where I didn't even get a budget for January (with Marseille and Man U)... I know it must be a bug, but it's bad enough, so I never disable the first transfer window.
  13. His contract always runs out after season one. So if you bought him, you must not have noticed or City renewed it.
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