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  1. Good luck in Ligue 1 ... Hope you get the reinforcements you want. I'm looking forward to hearing more
  2. Lovro Majer... Always on my shortlist. Can be picked up for around £2,5 mil.
  3. The date with me is 24th of June 2019 (The very first day of a new save), but he's still worth £7,75 mil, and they want £24 mil.
  4. So what is "cheap" for Jude Bellingham? He's valued at £7,75 mil, and Birmingham wants £24 mil. Will try to get it as low as possible, but what do you consider "cheap"?
  5. So, starting up with Man Utd, which signings would you recommend for the first season? Is anyone really needed?
  6. Yeah, well that particular goal is described as being 2nd best...
  7. I'm not implying that you are cheating at all I was merely curious, as I have never used the spaced payments in any FM before I was also just curious as Jovetic is out for around 6 months with the latest SI patch/update. I thought you were using that one, hence my question. I was in no way trying to imply that you were cheating, I was simply wondering how you did what you did
  8. So do you always offer £0, and then what you want to pay over 6 and 12 months? And how did you manage to sell Jovetic in the first window, when he's out injured for a long time
  9. No, I buy them outright. I never do the payments deals, as they give me a smaller budget for the next season.
  10. That's fair enough. I just don't agree that the players are too old or too rubbish. I'm second in the league, come January with most of the original squad. Only made two signings for the starting line-up, as I didn't have the money for transfers you had.
  11. That's cool. At least you get Europa League then. I see you got Tiago Almada. He has absolutely no interest in talking to me 😆 Maybe that'll change in January. Plus, I couldn't help notice that you replaced almost the entire team in season one. Was that a deliberate decision?
  12. @Ronaldo Beckham I've just read through all your Monaco updates, and was just wondering... How did you buy all those players in season one for what Monaco has available, and how did you still pass the FFP? Also, how have you done in the Champions League, and have you won any Cups? (Coupe de France or Coupe de la Ligue).
  13. I've always found that saving and reloading is cheating, but that's just me personally. It's your game, so you're clear to do whatever you want
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