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  1. Gungner

    FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    I don't think I'm a monster, I think the AI is just too weak. I mean, the top teams all lost to teams they should beat easily, and lost to each other, which made it easy for me to take a solid lead, where the eventual slip-up didn't mean a thing. But yeah, Parma is a really good shout. Might give them a go.
  2. Gungner

    FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    I really want to start an Italian save, but it's just too easy... I've played as Milan, Fiorentina and Torino, and with all 3, I won the title in the first season. That's just not fun :/
  3. COVENTRY CITY 2017: A YEAR IN REVIEW First of all, these are my transfers for the year of 2017: Gribbin, Folivi and Samuelsen has been amazing, and the reason I'm at the top of the tabel. Gribbin has played 22 matches, without scoring but delivering 9 assists and just playing awesome. Folivi is the topscorer of the league with 16 goals. Samuelsen has chipped in with quite a few goals and assists and is really awesome. Pleguezuelo is playing like a... Well I don't know. Either he's awesome and gets on the scoresheet and pulls off an 8,5 or higher, or he plays like a sack of flour and plays a 6,2 or lower. No middleground. The league looks like this: We started off very very strong, winning the first 14 matches. Then we were brought back to earth, and the results went back and forth. But all in all it looks great, and it looks like we'll gain promotion, which is so important. 2018 looks to be a quiet year. A few of my players are wanted by L1 and Championship clubs for doing well, amongst them being keeper Lee Burge and defender Jordan Willis. I'm hoping to sell a few in the U23 squad who is earning high salaries (£2,5k a week). In the other tournaments, we went out in the Second Round of the Carabao Cup, as we lost 2-1 away to Bournemouth, so not sorry about that. In the EFL Trophy, we went out in the Second Round aswell, losing 0-1 at home to Blackburn. So that is what it is. In the FA Cup, we're still there, soon to play our 3rd Round match against Cambridge away. Seems like a winnable match. On route to that, we defeated Colchester 2-1 and Macclesfield 1-0. So that's that, and I'll review my season when it's over. Any questions, feel free to ask
  4. Gungner

    FM18: AFC Ajax - De Godenzonen

    That is cheap though... not expensive contracts at all
  5. Gungner

    FM18: AFC Ajax - De Godenzonen

    I signed Jennings... Thanks for the tip. Heylen isn't in my game, so I went with someone else.
  6. Gungner

    FM18: AFC Ajax - De Godenzonen

    Any ideas on who to hire as Assistant Manager and Head of Youth Development?
  7. Gungner

    FM18: AFC Ajax - De Godenzonen

    37k and 28k pr week seems extremely cheep though!
  8. Gungner

    FM18: AFC Ajax - De Godenzonen

    What positions need strenghtening (if any)? And who whould you all recommend? Will it be extremely hard to hang on to De Ligt and Dolberg? (I guess it would)
  9. Only two are available in the first transfer window, not all of them as you say. Three of them are on loan, and can therefore not move until the loan ends.
  10. Can you ask the player to sack his agent?
  11. Season has started well with Coventry. 3 wins from 3 matches in the league, and advancement in the Carabao Cup with a 3-1 win over Rotherham. The 2nd Round is an away match with Bournemouth. Not liking my chances there. I'll post a bigger update when I've played a few months.
  12. I suppose it's happening because they don't play enough first team matches to get them a new WP. If they're stuck in your reserve team, and is not "a big future talent", then they won't get a renewal.
  13. Betis will be my choice... Also, I'm danish, so it doesn't hurt to have a fellow dane in the squad And yeah, I like the look of their squad and they should be able to qualify for Europe with the right management...
  14. A LOT of the clubs are over their wage budget... I think I'm going with Betis for my Spanish adventure. A big stadium, a possibility of earning money via attendances and qualifying for Europe. And a strong squad. However, Malaga also speaks to me somehow... Ah the decisions!
  15. Gungner

    FM18: Leeds Utd - MOT

    I finally got through the pre-season, which was all wins. My transfers look like this: Despite there being a month left of the window, I doubt there will be anymore business with only £2 mil for transfers and £13,5k for wages. I'm not bothered though, I'm very happy with my dealings. Javier Rumbo is a young 19-year old goalkeeper I was recommended by his agent, and after scouting him, I thought he was worth a shout at £700 a week. He's playing in the U23 squad and doing fairly well.