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  1. @RandomGuy. Who's your first choice keeper at this point? Raya, Rajkovic or that guy you brought in from (Cagliari?) ? And how's Mertens doing for you?
  2. Gungner

    Female players / leagues

    Yeah, I can understand what you're saying. I had my reservations in posting this suggestion, but I thought "why not try?"
  3. I'm not really a big viewer of women's football, but I do thing it would be a very cool addition. Female teams in their respective domestic leagues, with female players. Working exactly like the FM we have now. I understand that the addition of such would probably mean bigger requirements for computers, but it could be a seperate FM edition entirely? Football Manager Women 2020? Just a little thought I had.
  4. I would really rather wait for the game to be released in January, so SI would have had time to forego the first update AND having more time to get the ME much better (not perfect, as nothing is perfect.)
  5. @RandomGuy. You've actually made me want to try out Roma... Have never played with them in any version of FM or CM. My experience in Italy is limited to Inter, Milan and Fiorentina.
  6. Gungner

    Average Gamer Age

    35 here. Been playing FM/CM since CM 97/98. I read an article about the average gamer, and 10 years ago the age was 18. Now, ten years later, the age is 36.
  7. Gungner

    Why FM19 > FM18?

    Well... we can only hope the remaining stuff you mentioned can be fixed in either a hot-fix or in 19.3
  8. You must be the only one Good for you then, hehe
  9. Gungner

    Why FM19 > FM18?

    If you mean 19.2.0, it's already out but hasn't changed anything, ME wise.
  10. Yeah, instead of tweaking it, they reversed it... from never scoring from long range, you always do it now.
  11. I really hope Neil Brock is listening to this... It's not gonna be fixed for FM19, I know that, this ME is beyond broken and can't be fixed. But hopefully for FM'20. I'm back to FM'18 for now.
  12. *Applause* Couldn't have said it better myself. The game is awesome, except the match engine.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions. However since the ME hasn't changed at all on 19.2.0, the changes probably won't matter.
  14. I'd like to suggest a better match engine. Perhaps the one like last year. No play through the middle, weaker teams always parks the bus, goals only comes from set pieces and the striker never moves. So I'd like to see last years ME brought back, or a better one.
  15. Yeah, seems like it. I bought the game last month, and I'll have to wait until march to play the game... that is, IF they fix it by then. Such a shame.