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  1. I've started up a save with them, and will keep you all posted... Being Danish, I have to try them, now they've signed 3 Danish players
  2. I was thinking of starting one last save on FM19, and was thinking of Genoa... Anyone with experiences of them?
  3. Boubacar Kamara will be a beast, and can still do a very good job from the get-go. As written before (I think), he's 18 at game start and only develops nicely. After a season, he was first choice in my Marseille defense. And yeah, Upamecano will cost you an arm and a leg. But is well worth it.
  4. Promise me you'll release that skin, when you're done? It looks awesome
  5. No I didn't... I really don't know why, but the league has never had my interest... I think I've managed there twice since FM'05. But if I were to, it'd most likely be Valencia or Villarreal.
  6. France, Holland and Germany has no rules regarding non-EU players, and doesn't require work permits... I'm sure there's plenty of other countries too.
  7. Every league can be won with a sub-top team within the first few seasons... In my Marseille save, PSG won the title the first season, but I've since won it 4 years in a row. As to Italy, my title wins in the first season with Torino and Sussuolo, it wasn't even close. I won with around 18-20 points to second place.
  8. I won the Serie A title with Torino FC the first season. Have also done it with Sassuolo. That's the reason why I don't play in Italy any more.
  9. To be fair, it's quite easy to win the Serie A with any sub-par team...
  10. Yeah. Managed to unsettle him, by declaring interest and having a number of bids rejected. Ended with him requesting a transfer, and they listed him for £5m.
  11. I've managed to get him for £5m, although they always want atleast £25m
  12. Why is Niklas Gunnarsson a free agent on 19.3, when he signed with Palermo in January?
  13. Looking at your two squads, why in the world did you bring in Eggestein? Guessing he's rotting in the reserves?
  14. I had him at Palermo shortly. He's at Juventus on loan in the first season, and my stupid chairman sold him for peanuts in the second season. I rage quit the save.
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