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  1. Sad to say I'm another one whose game runs slow after the update, I'm talking about the processing between days. I'm on a Mac.
  2. I think it's too difficult compared to the earlier copies if you are not very interested in spending hours on your tactics before each game and just want to play in a faster tempo (instant result button).
  3. So, I'm under the impression that compared to former games in the FM-series, this years copy is by far the hardest one, thanks to the tactics part, I'm not a player who wants to spend 5 mins before each games contemplating how my team is going to play and what role is player is going to have, simply because I don't find this very amusing. I prefer to play in a faster tempo and develop talents and buy/sell players. Call it a cheat or not but I usually download others tactics and play with the instant result button. It has led me to very enjoyable saves on FM14 and FM15. Currently no matter what I try I end up getting sacked before 2015 turns into 2016. I was just wondering I guess if there is any words on the difficulty of the AI this year and if it's possible to play like I did on the earlier games or if the future is that you have to put so much focus on the tactics?
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