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  1. Simply crazy !!! Use it now since 10 games... destroyed everyone with Marseille By far the best u've done this year, U're the GOAT !!!
  2. Ok, Thanks. So Your 5 first tactics in your ranking are more Attacking tactic and for major Team (predicted TOP 5) and last 5 is for team predicted between 15-20 ? Is that what we need to understand ? I want start with a average team, i just want to be sure I 've understand what u mean (sorry, if I bother you. I'm french so for me a dog is just... a dog (I guess it's a English way of speaking)
  3. This one : FLAT442MIDSOMERP103 ==> FM18.3FLAT442MIDSOMERP103.fmf
  4. Always used Attacking Move and Balanced training + Rest before and after match when Champions league start
  5. first season using this one after 3 years with WOF... Won everything, 7 trophy and I destroyed Arsenal in the champions league final !!!! (Put my WB on Support and use Counter ; Every Game) God Bless U Knap
  6. At the beginning when I decided to use this tactic, I thought to use FM18.2.2KnapARGUS343P102 at Home and WOF Away But the level of play of my team was really better with WOF so, I kept this tactic all the times For me, WOF is by far the most underrated tactic from Knap but the results are absolutely fabulous (Start my new season with Midsomer 442... Aboslutely destroyed Liverpool In European Super Cup 6-2... )
  7. Last season, only One Game and only 2, the year before Year before
  8. Just want to share my results with " FM18.3.0KnapWOF343P104 " ; Used during 3 seasons and finally win CL last year For me, by far (for the moment), the Best you've done this year !!! Now, I will try "FM18.3FLAT442MIDSOMERP103", I had to sell some players because a new stadium is under construction My center striker, last season, sold to Chelsea at the end
  9. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/304084-Sumthin-s-4-2-3-1
  10. here : http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/304084-Sumthin-s-4-2-3-1
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