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  1. Glad this is back mate. Will be following. Boring question - what's the facepack that you use?
  2. Really like Utteridge as a player, and a Professional personality as well. Future captain!
  3. Great start. I feel like the game somehow knows when you're doing a youth only challenge, and rewards you with a gem early on! Make sure you get a big sell on %
  4. Thanks for the response! So what is your wage bill compared to the rest of the league? You can check in team stats. I suppose the other 'powerhouses' will have higher wage budgets that you? On account of having to sign their strong players, and often from leagues where the salaries are higher. Castro is a good all round striker! Shame he hasn't had much of a club career since leaving you. Very understandable that you'll be giving FM17 a go when it comes out, that's how it works! Look forward to a FM17 career updates thread from you, and hope it's something like this. I will be attempting to do something similar!
  5. What a fantastic read this has been, I've managed to get through it all over the last 24 hours. The way you write it is entertaining and engaging, with just the right amount of info and screenshots. You had me on board instantly when you nicknamed that early academy product 'The Cutlass'... Thought you could've done something nicknamey with your man 'Le Breton' but no-one's perfect! A few questions: 1. What is your wage budget compared to the rest of the league? And what's a standard wage for your best players? From the latest screenshots, it looks to be around 3.3k p/w. 2. Tell us about (or show us!) the career of Miguel Castro (YP19a). We didn't get a Castro Watch, but I notice he scored a fair few for the nation team when you were in charge, but we didn't hear much about him after he left the club! 3. Not a question, but more a note on FM16... I noticed that your not-great-stats RB had the highest Av Rat for a few years. Full-back seems to be the big position on this game, with way over-inflated assist stats and therefore higher ratings. I would suggest that may have played a part. 4. Will this reach its natural end around the time FM17 comes out?
  6. This is quite astonishing, one of the best things I've read and, as someone said above, very inspiring with a new game out soon. I have one question that has probably been answered in the last 17 pages, but I didn't see it: how often do you get non-English players in a youth take? I see that there are plenty over the years who were English but clearly/presumably had dual nationality. Was this just random, or was there some correlation with your staff, feeder clubs, or anything like that?
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