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  1. noelnoel

    China Creation 2011

    wow.. this tactic left me speechless
  2. guess i went a bit overboard on the transfers
  3. Hi, can you explain regarding not thinking about the future? what will happen if 48 months option is used too many times?
  4. with around that price(8M) , i got myself maroune fellani. Doing well as a DM/MC
  5. i just finished the version2 first season (took a pretty long since i load pretty large database and only have 0.5/5 stars rating. Okie, I tried: Version2 works with 10.2 and 10.3 Version3 works with 10.2 and not 10.3
  6. lol no thanks.. i like sawyer you can add him in
  7. kenco you a fan of Lost? the referees are the characters from that series lol
  8. noelnoel

    The 'None' Teamtalk

    read that arsene wenger seldom goes into the dressing room during HT unless necessary
  9. noelnoel

    4-4-2 Unorthodox FM10

    especially good for Arsenal team since they have many left attacking midfielder