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  1. customersupportuk@sega.co.uk Thats who steam directed me to contact.
  2. Who do i contact with regards to the achievements on steam if i they are bugged? I contacted steam support they said to contact SI and SI say contact Steam :/
  3. I have now taken a team from the BSN to the Premiership 3 times and have not been awarded the achievement. Does anyone know a reason why?
  4. I understand the points that cougar2010 is making and i don't play my games in a irresponsible manner i take my time play to my strengths and use the data im provided to choose which tactic i use and be sure to direct my team talks HT & FT comments carefully. But i feel that you are missing the point of the post completely. the question i am raising is why is it this happens in January on almost all my saves and from the sound of it other players saves as well. Also to say that this issue hasn't been brought up in GD maybe correct but if you look in the T&TD section you will see that it is a problem that is widely spoken about. So again, the question isnt why this happens but why does it happen with such frequency in JANUARY?
  5. There were no signs to spot. before Jan 1st won all matches apart from 2 (1 loss 1 draw) 1st match in 2012 is a draw then i lost 8 won 1 and drew 6. This has happened every season on each save. and as ive said in the OP ive tried several pre-emptive moves to avoid this. so its not from the lack of trying.
  6. Ive started a few saves over the past weeks and no matter what tactic i use as soon as january hit all form drops out the window. Ive tried using the same tact, switching between 2 and even rotating 3, but the same happens every season. Is this crap built into the game? if so why would they do that and if not, what the hell am i doing wrong?
  7. I have to say that your 4-1-1-2-2 is epic for the lower leagues. Ive dominated the BSN with altrincham
  8. Will using the data editor before starting a new game bug or stop me gaining achievements?
  9. Damn, Looks like i will have to try it again. Going to try scotish hero 1st though with Queens Park. I wonder if me going on holiday for the last 5 matches when i was in league 1 did something to it?
  10. Do you have to win the top league or just get promoted into it?
  11. Ive just got Altrincham from BSN to the Prem in 7 years and i didnt get the achievement. anyone know if its bugged?
  12. In FM 11 i had a problem where the match engine would stutter i just put it down to an old PC. When i bought FM12 i had the same problem, then in december i built a new PC which should run this game with ease yet im still having the same problem and the onlyway to fix it is to minimise the game and bring it back up. the spec of my current PC is Intel i7 2700k, 16GB RAM, Nvidia GTX580.
  13. I have always felt that the TC gives you less freedom in making a unique tact.
  14. Does it have to be a defender or would it work with a player like Dzeko?
  15. That is where i was going wrong. its working now. lol
  16. I see the Att crn at the top. but i get no drop down boxes for each player. ive tried what you said to get them to appear.
  17. Is there a way for me to make a corner set up without using the crappy Set Piece Creator. im trying to make some changes to my corner set up but all it lets me do is swap positions.
  18. So which tact did you use to get a finish like this?
  19. Thats awesome news mate. i really hope you crack it and find the perfect balance between V3 and V4.
  20. As in the immortal words of Fat Les "Were going to score 1 more than you" imo if you win 1-0, 10-0 or 5-4 a win is a win and its those 3 points that count. So i always feel a strong offence is much better than a strong defence.
  21. With man city ive removed the 2 down arrows from the wingers and im scoring a hell of a lot more goals.
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