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  1. You should put these two sentences at the top of your 12 step guide post that's the sort of motivation people need. "I've yet to find one person who's truly embraced the guide and not seen a massive improvement." "each and every one of you, as long as you understand football fundamentals, should be capable of making a functional tactic in two minutes."
  2. It wasn't an insult. It was feedback on how your statement of "it's so easy" came across. It was like sticking your middle finger up to those who are having problems no matter how many times people read guides and such. I'm sorry if you took it as an insult.
  3. Would be nice for SI to let us know how the scoring system works. After looking at the leader boards the scoring system makes no sense.
  4. For some crazy reason they thought that forcing people to use the crappy wizard was better.
  5. Use of classic tactics, so were not forced to use the crappy wizard.
  6. FM 13 is a horrid game. They have ripped the soul out of the game and sold it to the Devil as a micro transaction.
  7. After playing this game for many years i am very disappointed at what has been released this year. The whole game just feels wrong. boxes whizzing here and there every time i press continue, a skin so bright i have to change the brightness and contrast on my monitor each time i load it up, and a new training system which feels void of any thought in design. After FM12 which i played the most over 2000 hours i felt that things could only get better with FM13 but you have ripped the soul out of the game. As for this years match engine its utter crap. It feels slow and sluggish like a badly dubbed movie. Goalkeepers are the worst ive seen in any version ive played, long shots galore spoil the experience of each match.
  8. Ive managed to score about 60% of corners with my current tact, and of those 75% are headers or volleys.
  9. I loved FM10 but FM12 really grew on me. FM13 feels like its been dumbed down for younger kids.
  10. Any chance of you making a dark version for this?
  11. Ive looked in *Official Football Manager 2013 Demo Feedback Thread* Keep it all in here please & *Official 13.0.2 Updated Pre-Order Beta Feedback* - Keep all Feedback in here please! Looking for a reply to someone asking why there is no dark skin. I found a people asking why but no reply from a SI member to explain why it has been removed this year. Can someone please tell me why and dont just say "because they said there wont be one."
  12. Why was the dark skin not included this year. ive looked and cant find a valid reason for it.
  13. Just got the update to 13.1 and there is still no dark skin. I pre-ordered the game but have been unable to play it due to the ridiculous brightness of the damn skin.
  14. Im manager of Manchester United and have the best training facilities and the best coaches i can sign. I was wondering what peoples views are on players who are no longer classed as youth. Is it better to keep them playing in my reserves so they can benefit from my training or is it better to send them out on loan so they play 1st team football but with average facilities?
  15. Did this and have now waited 11 days and still no reply from SI.
  16. Ive had a cash injection from the board but the max amount that i can offer new staff hasnt increased, even though ive increased my wage budget from the extra transfer funds ive been given. Is there a way to increase the amount i can offer per contract?
  17. Some sort of update for the multi player option would be nice. Since 2008 50% of my play time is over a network with friend(s) and the system has not changed in that time and really needs an update. Its slow and to do any actions they have to be done twice or more. With the experience that SI have gained with FM Live some sort of tweak for FM13 would be nice.
  18. FYI if you select any of the customer support links in the SI page it directs you to Sega. and that comment doesn't help me out. If you cant help don't post.
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