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  1. I don't know why it does it to be honest. i can't check it right now as i am in the hospital. it only occurs in the first season on any start date. from second season on it works correctly. ill check it when they let me go. lol
  2. I found out that when you start your game that those cups indeed start in quarter final/final. this automaticly corrects in the second season. l didbt notice it as i holidayed thru my first season. second season of the game the us open cup and canadian cup will start with qualification round.
  3. No it is not supposed to do that. are you running additional databases ? Which countries are active and what game date did you start playing ? If you look at the stages of both cups did the other rounds already play i just started my second season and don't see those problems myself so i am trying to find out what you did different .
  4. Make sure you check the "add Players to team" box before you start a new game, otherwise all teams in the lower leagues have greyed out players and it will take a while for the teams to be filled with newgens.
  5. I remember back in FM2012 I had a long career game as well with The Colonels and really enjoyed taking them up the leagues. Fell in love with this database and really wanted that same experience in 2014. If I had a lot of spare time I would definitely went more in depth with the level 9 as I like to go from bottom to top as well, and the lower the league the more fun it is for me. I had some experience with high school soccer here in Kentucky as I was one of the assistant coaches for Johnson Central (region 15) so it didn't take long for me to decide to use the high school teams as the level 9 "feeder" for the Appalachian league.
  6. the regions have different numbers because that is an exact copy of how it is in real life. I know what you say about the leagues that don't have too many teams thus less games. This can be solved by going into the editor and change the amount of games the teams play eachother from 1 to 2. I don't mind anyone else picking up different states and add it to this database as that would definitely enrich the game so much more! As I reside in Kentucky at the moment I just added the Kentucky teams to create my own personal level 9 to make it more interesting. To add the other states would probably keep me busy until FM2015 comes out and keeps me from playing this version! lol
  7. Xml format basicly means its left uncompressed. You just copy it into the editor data folder like you do with the DBC files and it should come up when you start a new game.
  8. Yes its possible to feed the level 9 leagues into the different level 8 leagues but I didn't do this due to the fact that the Kentucky teams that were placed in one of the other leagues had to travel a lot more then what would be realistic. Which league has the 24 games in level 9? that might sound like something that needs to be corrected. In level 9 every team is supposed to play each other 1 time, then after that the league should split in half. Sounds to me that in that specific league the teams play each other twice before the split. I can release another version apart from this one where the leagues will feed into all the different level 8 leagues if more people would prefer this.
  9. Please give me any feedback when using this DB good or bad so I know if there is anything that needs to be adjusted. I've tested the DB in holiday mode till 2020 without any issues and am in 2016 in my own career. So that part looks promising.
  10. That is also the main reason for me to release this updated DB in Mikemagnums FM2012 thread as he put so much work into creating the original file I still feel kind of bad that I had to release this without being able to have talked to him first. But believe me I tried! This way he will still get proper credits for the work he put in his file as well.
  11. No I haven't done anything with the players. That would have been too much work. I don't care for anyone else to edit this file to include this though. I released it for the community to play with. I started out recreating this DB purely for myself as the 2012 version blew me away and I wanted the same experience in FM2014 as it wasn't the same without it! lol
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