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  1. Thanks for the answer.. But I don't think it has anything to do with the save game, cause I did a lot of tests with different leagues, db, etc.. Tomorrow I'll do a couple more tests to see if the problem persist. Cheers
  2. In previous patches I always signed a couple of youngsters from benfica (under 18 with no professional contract with the option "approach to sign"). Now I can't any more, they don't want to enter in contract negotiations, not even with real madrid for example, which irl would be very unlikely.. Is this normal?
  3. Thanks for the answer, i didn't know that. But that doesn't apply to the cups i think.. And in my game, i was champion with five games to go, in the history tab the players were crowned champions.. But the ones who completed the 10 games after i was mathematical champion, don't.. This is nothing special but im a bit perfectionist, it's just a heads up.. Thanks anyway
  4. Why, when i'm champion of the league, some players (with less than 10 matches played) aren't awarded with the championship in the history tab? Doesn't make any sense.. It happens in the cups too, if one player takes you to the final, but for some reason he can't play, he's not awarded with the title.. As far as i know, you are crowned champion if you play at least one game in the competition
  5. i have portugal (2 levels), england (4 levels), france (2 levels), spain (2 levels), italy (2 levels), germany (2 levels), and almost every nation with the "see only" option. must be it.. i just tested with only one league/nation, and he was't transferred this time.
  6. thanks! strange.. halilovic is sold for free in the first summer every save i made, always to lokomotiva zagreb
  7. does this happen to anyone else? no names on this tab.. also, can anyone see if alen halilovic got transferred for free in the first season? i ask this cause i can sign him for free with burnley, which it's very unrealistic.. and if i don't sign him he is sold for free anyway. thanks in advance
  8. can you tell me how do you put those floating team match stats? what skin is that? thanks in advance
  9. how can i put this to work? im using the defult skin and nothing appears, not even the ''full screen icon''
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