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  1. Wow, was that a bug or intentional? Seems like a odd one, if slightly amusing issue.
  2. This is a slightly lazy thread and i apologise in advance for that, but it FM17 worth getting comparing it to FM16? How much has changed? Also one of my favorite parts of the game is developing my own youngsters, what is the Newgen quality like on this version?
  3. Plus, if im not mistaken, if you have professional senior players, this can alter the personality of young (under the age of 23) without direct tutoring. Not sure of the extent of this but still worth bearing in mind.
  4. When developing young players, which attributes do you find develop best? I ask as I may start a save where I buy players with those attributes that are more difficult to develop and some suitable attributes for their position. Then through training the more easily developed attributes could catch up potentially allowing players to reach their potential more easily.
  5. Interesting. Does a similar thing happen with hidden attributes?
  6. Does youth player determination improve on its own now? Is this based off squad personality or just a random improvement?
  7. Im new to FM 14 after a long hiatus from the series. Im having issues defending. Ive read Cleons thread but im still conceding very cheap defensive goal. A few questions. 1. I concede alot of cheap goals from crosses despite having defenders and a goalie good in the air, how would you deal with this? 2. I concede alot of goals from wingers cutting in behind my fullbacks without being marked, how do you deal with this? 3. Is there a reason i would concede alot, and i mean alot of cheap goals from rebounds? Thanks for any advice
  8. Decided to give Gladbach a go, ill keep you up to date with how it goes. Does the money for the Reus transfer go in at the end of the season or is it included in the current budget?
  9. Struggling to get things going tactically, have read quite a few articles on here but still have some specific questions. There tends to be a lot of space in behind my full backs, i want to use them as support for the attack but whenever they push up the pitch and we lose the ball the space in behind them seems easy to exploit. Is there a way to cover this without setting them to defensive? Once again with my full backs but a more general thing. As the move up the pitch with the ball, they look indecisive on the match engine, then often dwell on the ball for long periods of time. Is this down to time wasting or something more specific to them? Whats the best way to get the team to attack/defend as a unit? If i set up a more defensive system (2 deep midfielders and a playmaker) the striker seems isolated and the wingers seem unwilling to help him out? Also looking to improve the quality of chances, but i think theres an article for that somewhere
  10. Grenier on loan from Lyon is an absolute beast. Current he's outplaying Belhanda in midfield and is racking up the assists.
  11. Managed to sign Kara, Bressan and get Grenier on loan first season. Need a backup striker and have no money though
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