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  1. Yeah include more financial options in the game, like shares, licensing, dividends, gambling. lol Actually I don't really care, because I'll only be playing FM 2015 Classic. No bulldust team talks, advanced fiddly tactics, finances, training, just more of the CM01/02 style
  2. Replied in the comments on your site. Nesta was the most reliable in most of the CMs and FM games.
  3. Hi, I started a FMC game in France, played for two seasons, then went to Spain for five seasons and became a Spanish Hero by taking Jerez from the lowest division into La Liga. Then I went to Brazil to join Duque de Caxias and got them up from Brazilian ND3 to Brazilian National First Division. But the Brazilian Hero award did not come up on Steam. Was it because I was playing in offline mode?
  4. I try to hire some famous player for this role, just to make the club look good, and keep the player's legacy going. Of course he doesn't do anything, but when you have millions in the bank it's worth having a nice figurehead
  5. OK, just checked and you are right, the game is not scoring any points on the leaderboard anymore. I just got a new computer and its not taking as long to play through a season, so I stopped the Monza savegame after 7 season there. Made it to Serie A and won an Italian Cup .
  6. I won manager of the season and it unlocked for both of my managers in the savegame, which was interesting.
  7. 2152 in FM13 ??? It takes me about 2 full days in real life for me to advance a season!
  8. Haha I dont care about the leaderboard. It says I am currently in just over 100000th position lol. But I will check back with you on this one, to see if it changes or not. I mean cmon, a world class guy not being bought by the AI? It was ridiculous. I didn't mention that I sold him for £40000000 and also had Genoa loan in a bunch of players to play in their first team for the season . Actually I just found out that I didn't sack the manager. I put him on holiday. Genoa sacked him five seasons later, so now I got him to apply for the Italy job. Guess what - he got it LOOOOOOL. I've put him back on holiday mode - it should be interesting. So far he is only selecting two of my guys, I might have to give him a kick in the pants about that one . As for Cerci? Hes a veteran now, but he's back baby! On a free transfer once again, hahaha.
  9. Hey chucklehead, Here are my tactics. Notice how I've mellowed as I made it to Serie A, and changed the 'rigid' to 'balanced'. But in the first season, rigid was important. I just wanted the team to do their job. Also notice the trick on the left hand side, if you want your team to learn the tactics faster (maybe it works, maybe not, but I never change my formation). So why 4-5-1 ? My philosophy is that with a strong defence, you have a strong team. Also it is biased because in previous versions of CM or FM, the computer loves to attack down the middle. So the idea is to stack the central corridors. But for attacking, the option of crossing into the box should catch the AI out . Call me crazy but then count how many goals the D Cs get per season. I sold one to Bayern Munich that scored more than 10 goals in one season from corners and crosses. But there could be something more important than tactics in FMC, and I believe it is staff members. Remember you only really have 1 coach - your assistant. So get someone awesome if you can. Sacrifice your wage budget for it. And then your kiddies coming through will at least have a sound grounding in the game. Note that to sign these type of guys, a good trick is to look for retiring players when you do a player search, and nab them for your staff positions by offering them a high wage. £10000 made 39 year old Ronaldinho see stars, he had to take it . I left my director of football as the original one, to save on wages (I get him to do nothing anyways, but didn't want to risk sacking him and having nobody in his place - the game might not like that). The only weak link is the Head of Youth Development, who was an original player in the first season, but I can always sack him later should I need to. The chairman is that crazy tycoon that bought the club. As for wage structure, no mf in my team is going to be on a higher wage than myself, so I set some limits (which can be revised, depending on financial changes). My current Serie A structure is: Jizzlers/Jackers and kiddies in the reserves : £0-15000 pw 2 to 3 stars, depending on form/value/caps : £15000-40000 pw 4 to 5 stars, depending on form/value/caps : £40000-60000 pw Gods (5 stars, best player in team) : £60000-80000 pw I don't have any Gods yet, but one youngster is a wonderkid who could turn into one. Sticking to this avoids teammates demanding higher wages etc. Lets see this in practice: Notice how the number 10 (Campana) is listed as a key player, but is only being paid £32000. He's actually not so great (rated 3 stars by Litmanen, got him in season two as a youngster), but in the 4-5-1 he is the most prolific goalscorer, so I let him think he is good, it seems to improve his perfomance . He will be first on the scrap heap if he underperforms because there are too many strikers coming through for this formation in reserve grade. On the other hand, the number 7 (Verdini) is rated "as the next Paolo Rossi" but can play on the right wing, so that's his spot. And he rotates with Cerci, but every game he plays at least as a substitute to keep him happy. I signed him on a long contract to shut up his unfriendly agent, but Cerci should retire within the next year or so, and then he will be permanent, so should be happy for a contract extension and be in the £80000 bracket. Puccio, Marcandalli and Campinoti are the only survivors from the 2012-3 starting team, but they are on "backup to the team" wage rate because they are not so good (Puccio is only 1 star and the other two 2 stars). However Campinoti has been the regular left back in the starting lineup, purely because we lack numbers in that position. In the 4-5-1 formation, I find that D L and D R score high ratings in the match reports, so that's fine. I keep Puccio, because DM is a sensitive position if we get injuries. In fact you cannot see the rest of the contracts so I will scroll down: As you can see, Puccio is unhappy that he has not been starting. I prefer my young promising Brazilian defensive midfielder to him . But I will give him some game time soon and then he will be happy, and I will nail him to a five year contract so that he shuts up for a while. So treat your youngsters like gold, and rotate them to give them a chance, some might end up becoming gems. In season two I did not get many good youngsters, but sell the useless ones if you can (put release values in their loan deals at half price, it can work - see Nicola Meli above in the transfers). I believe every player can be good, even if they have low stars, some have amazing characteristics. For example, Campana is a brilliant poacher. As soon as a ball is loose in the area, he will snap it into the back of the onion bag. It will be interesting to see if Campana ever makes the Italian team. I've got Verdini and Garavaglia in that squad so far. Spinetta is turning out to be a master of headers, and Campinoti is a reasonable crosser for a 2 star player. Only if you have some guy performing for two seasons at the 6-6.5 level on average in games, he needs to be offloaded/loaned out. Sometimes you cannot sell a player, so just let his contract run out and then he can choose to stay or leave by themselves, haha. At the start of each season, make sure you know which players will need their contracts renewed, so look to play those guys a lot. And if you put in a contract extension offer, make sure it is at least 2 months before the end of the season. That way, if something goes wrong (or you have a ******* of an agent to deal with), you will get a second crack at it before the season is over and the player leaves on a free transfer. For good players, renew at the start of the season to avoid surprises. Hope that helps.
  10. Update on this: Have sold this guy. Even though he was the Italian Defender Of The Year season 2019-20 , I felt like it was the right decision. I don't let any players tell me how to run the squad or demand higher wages when they have four years left on their current contracts. So what I did was, offered him a new contract on a ridiculous wage of £60000 per week for a one year deal (that was £40000 more than he was getting!), then after he signed the contract I transfer listed him for £0. After a week or so Chelsea, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid were interested, with Chelsea putting in a bid for £0. So then I stalled their offer, and offered him to clubs for just under his value at £15 million with a 50% sale on fee clause. Then I changed his transfer status value to £20 million. After that Bayern Munich and Real Madrid immediately bid the offered price for him, and he was due to be sold in the next transfer window. So that's how to do it. Ok, I guess it was a bit of an Alex Ferguson style moment, but I do have some more D C's that can cover his position, including Muniesa that I got from Barcelona at a reasonable fee, in case my younger defenders pick up injuries. It's interesting that he is on a four year contract, but Bayern Munich gave him a larger wage, so he should be happy. But maybe in four years time he might like to rejoin our club, who knows. My squad is a tight knit bunch, with only one player that did not exist/come through the youth ranks in it (Muniesa). As you can see, the only players purchased were coming back from joint ownership deals: Well I hope this helps, good luck in your games!
  11. Over half, it says I have 267 mill budget for the new season 2020-21. The thing is, my strategy in this game is to not buy many players, only to develop talent and sell that if they are not performing. Parma and some other teams were kicking for this guy, so i caved and bought him. He's worth 7.5 million now after one season, so I guess it wasn't bad. But I will use him this season as cover for two first class D C's.
  12. Yeah, how DO you sell players in FMC? I have basically been using kids from my academy. One of them made the Italy squad and is worth 15 mill, but when i offered him to clubs at his value price, nobody wants him. So one trick that I used was to transfer list him for 0. Then after a few clubs start kicking, I stall on the first few bids, put his price back to normal and then offer. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. I had Alessio Cerci in my team at one stage (got from a free transfer) and nobody wanted to buy him. So I said "sod it!", added a new manager at Genoa and got them to buy him, then sacked that manager. Still, there's gotta be a better way?
  13. chucklehead i used the same tactics as you in my Serie C2 Monza game. The wide players are AML and AMR. Hopefully your wide players can cross a ball. To avoid the long ball plays, make sure your best players are the D C's and DM. Set tactics to rigid, so they dont go walkabout. Dont bother too much with contracts, you can get freebies if you get promoted. Dont ever buy strikers or you will have a lot of unhappy guys, just get new defenders and midfielders, preferably young ones that will improve as you progress through the ranks. I made it to Serie A and now a tycoon came along and bought the club, throwing me 400 million to use. Time for consolidation
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