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  1. Big crowd = better team??

    I have a feeling that if a BSP team were playing Man Utd at OT the crowd at OT would hardly be intimidating, thered probably be more noise from the away fans because its a nothing game really to Man Utd fans whereas its probably the biggest game of their lives for the BSP teams fans They would however be intimidated playing against one of the worlds best teams at their own ground
  2. Job Status - Untouchable .. :D

    Since when do Pompey have £20 million worth of players? Even selling the whole team you'd struggle to make that! ;-)
  3. Squad harmony

    my squad harmony is always really low at the start of a season when I let my ass man in charge of the friendlies (apparantly his team talks are a bit detrimental lol) but it always goes up within a few real games. other than this its only been low towards the end of a season when I had lots of players unhappy about not playing or wanting new contracts, when they all left after their contracts expired team harmony flew up again
  4. Sorry SI, but sort it out...

    Whats unrealistic about that though? Everton V Villa last season we were winning 2-1 then Everton equalised in the 92nd min to make it 2-2 but because they spent 45 seconds celebrating there was more added time and we scored in the 93rd min to make it 3-2, in a game that they had, for the most part dominated. A game that we scored after 30 seconds then they were all over us from there, equalised, then 1 dodgy backpass put us in for 2-1, they dominated again and eventually equalised only for us to steal it off them a minute later, about 5 seconds before the final whistle If any one of those things happens in FM people call it a bug, if that exact scenario happened on FM to some people they would be taking the game back for a refund for it being so unrealistic. Crazy things DO happen in football. Doesnt happen often, but does happen
  5. Rivalries.....

    I was wondering about this too, as some teams become "rivals" with whoever they are similar to and competing with regularly. For example if Reading suddenly got promoted and started challenging for the title, Man U, Chelsea etc would consider them "rivals", the longer both teams were at the top for the more hardcore the rivalry would get (Im sure Chelsea never used to be big rivals with Man Utd before Abramovich). I think cup clashes would only ever be friendly rivalry to be fair
  6. Well that is rubbish, why would the player only react to what the journalist has said/written about when, if it is a press conference specifically called to announce his signing chances are high that he would actually be there sitting next to his new manager the whole time? I hate press conferences, I never do them anymore, but I figure anything above the no comment answer is a "positive" response, and anything below it is "negative", regardless of what they actually say in relation to the question (I mean the "was it hard to keep the transfer under wraps" question - how are any of the answers negative or positive?! Its a nothing question that if a real journalist was to ask he'd probably get laughed at for asking such a pointless irrelevent question, I mean the fact that a manager didnt want other teams to become interested in their new star signing is hardly gonna sell papers is it?) The thing that got me though is that when the press ask me about the oppositions dangerman, then always follow it with "who do you plan to use to counter the threat of player x". My ass man always gets the answer right, every time the player he says responds positively, I dont think Ive ever got it right. My ass man can name a left back in the reserves who hasnt played a game all season in League 2 to be the main man to mark Fabregas out of the game in the FA Cup despite Fabregas playing center midfield and alls fine, I pick my tough tackling, first name on the team sheet, defensive midfielder and captain and the whole team revolts - and god forbid saying "no comment". Only gotta say that once and it negates the entire point of the press conference in the first place because the news report (no matter what else Ive said) will say that Im cagey or whatever because I refused to answer the question despite being asked twice.
  7. Young players weight and height increase

    I hope my young players dont gain any weight! I looked at my youth team earlier and there is only 1 player in it less than 10st and a couple between 10 and 11 st but the majority of my 15-17 year old youth players weigh 13-15 stone. If they start gaining weight as they get older I dont think they have much of a future in proffesional football!
  8. Goalkeeper ratings!

    That really bugs me, my keeper has pretty good stats but not fantastic, but he's done a better job for me consistently than any other keeper Ive ever had on this game. He just won the European goalkeeper of the year award for the second year running and kept something like 25 clean sheets in the Prem in just under a season yet my assistant keeps telling me he is the weak link and needs to be replaced....ummm no
  9. Is that this season? 08/09? If it is its definately a bug
  10. team that you cant beat (Bogey team)

    Im in 2020 and my bogey team is Southampton, I just dont know how to stop them. They play 3 center backs and 5 man midfield with 2 up top and my team just cannot cope with them. I tried copying their system and they ended up battering me down the flanks where I had no full backs, I tried 4-5-1 but they still overrun me. Ive won the league 3 years running and have a far better team but just cannot beat them. This season I won 12 in a row without conceding a single goal until they battered me 5-0!!
  11. Some things dont make sense

    Id just like to point out that striker was let go on a free and signed by a mid table Prem team, where he played 20 games and scored 3 goals, with an average rating of less than 6.5 before he was sold to Arsenal for £10mil. He played 1 season for Arsenal (similar record) and has now been sold to Chelsea for £14.5mil. Its ridiculous
  12. Ok Im currently playing as Sheff Utd and tookthem from mid table league 1 to the Prem title in 6 years. Im now just starting my 9th season having won the league, CL and League Cup the year before Heres my problems. 1) The board didnt regard the league cup as important, fine, no problem, its not particularly important. BUT I did win it, for the 1st time in the clubs history, and I get no response at all. In fact the board are far happier at me getting to the FA Cup 6th round than winning the CC. That is ridiculous. I feel the "board confidence" should at least show something to signal the achievement of winning a competition (where I used mostly youngsters) that the club has never won before. It would also be nice if the game could acknowledge that Im not using any first team players, because I field 90% youth and a few backup players to give them match practice. This of course weakens my team so if they go out and beat a low prem team 1-0 I dont want a news message saying how the fans werent impressed with the victory because they expected more. Because they should be impressed with how well the youth team managed against a good team 2)The English Young player of the year award is obviously flawed. I had a right winger, my THIRD choice, who played around 20-30 games through the season(80% as a sub), made half a dozen assists, played generally well. He won young player of the year. Now I wouldnt consider this a problem if it wasnt for my striker, also "heavily linked" with the award. He played virtually every game, set a new club record for goals scored. Finished top scorer in the EPL by a mile, top scorer in the CL. In fact he won the CL best player award, was in the team of the year and top scorer. His average rating, despite playing around 60 games in all comps was higher than my winger, both overall and in the PL. His value shot up from £5mil to £26mil. He was a machine. He was the same age as the eventual winner. Yet he didnt even make the top 3! 3) Why do players only react to 1 part of the Press conference? Its so annoying when Im asked questions (I know what the best answers are to give now) and I cant actually say anything, I have to give the middle option, basically no comment, because I dont want that to be the part of the press conference that is reacted to. If Im ever asked about an opposition player, who used to play for me (its something along the lines of "how do you feel about his return") I cannot say anything, because then, despite what Ive said in the rest of the press conference, the message I get is about the opposition player and he is apparantly happy with my comments. Fantastic. What about MY team? What about everything Ive said to boost up my team? No its ignored so the only player to get anything from the Press Conference is the oppositions danger man. Superb 4) Why is it only possible to tell other teams players that they are showing a lot of potential, or that they are quality players? Why cant I tell that to players on my team? If a good player on my team is going through a bad spell then maybe telling the press that he is a quality player could boost his confidence. But the only option I get is to talk about there form. if I say Im pleased with their form they get unhappy because they're playing rubbish. And telling them how bad they're playing can have a negative influence as well. It would be nice to be able to tell them they are good players, regardless of form. Also it might be a nice boost for younger players to tell them they will be stars of the future 5) Why can the game not distinguish between selling a player, and loaning a player? If I sign a 16 year old star of the future, he's not getting anywhere near my team for a few years, so I offer him out on loan and get a message back saying "there havent been any clubs willing to make a bid because of his recent arrival at the club". 6) New stadium name. Ive seen people on here see stadiums named after them, Ive seen Chelsea get a new stadium called Zola Park, as Zola is a legend. But my Sheff Utd got a new stadium, and there are no people listed under legends (a bit dissapointing as Ive been there 9 years and taken them from league 1 to where Man Utd are now IRL, was kinda hoping Id be considered a legend by now). Its now called Sheff Utd Stadium. Obviously this might not be a common occurence because this is the only time its ever happened to me, but thats a stupid name for a stadium, why not have the same name as the old stadium but with "New" in front of it, at least then the stadium has a proper name. Hell I wouldnt mind so much even if it was called something like Sheffield Park, or The Sheffield Stadium, or even like The Coca Cola Stadium, with a bit of sponsorship money coming my way (that could be quite amusing). But Sheff Utd Stadium sounds so cheap and rubbish 7) The way teams are selected is baffling. I mean the attributes are what determines how well a player plays, and thats reflected in his rating, goal scoring, assists, clean sheets etc. But the computer doesnt seem to recognise these things in the slightest. If a striker scores 50 goals in a season for a top team, but has a lower CA than a striker that scores an average of 5 goals a season for the same team, the computer will always make higher bids for the higher CA striker, even if his attributes are all in irrelevant places, the national team will always call up the higher CA striker, even though the other striker is clearly better. I had 1 striker that I got on a free when I was in the Championship. Couldnt handle the pressure of anything, and clearly wasnt cut out for the Prem as his ratings were poor, and his goalscoring record was even worse, when I sold him I got £10 million for him! I kept an eye on him and at his new club he had the same problem, played poorly and didnt score many, got dropped then barely played, before he was sold a year later for £10 million again! To Arsenal who had just won the league! He obviously had a high CA/PA but his performances were consistently rubbish. Yet he was a regular in the national team and was always wanted by top clubs 8) The ass man sometimes tells me conflicting things. For example Ive had this tons of times with the same player in my team. The ass man tells me that he "is struggling to cope with the pressure today, which is affecting his motivation" and on the next line I get "looked overconfident and cocky during todays warm up". Which is it? Is he cocky and too confident so he needs to be knocked down a peg or two, or is he bricking it because he cant handle to pressure? 9) Finally when a player on my team is linked to win an award, which has happened often in the last season, even if they dont win or finish in the top 3 it would be nice to know. If player of mine is linked with the player of the year award, then I become interested in it and get curious to see if he'll win. But I dont know when the award is given and if he doesnt win I dont get a message about it, so I usually completely miss the award and have no idea if he's still in contention to win it or if its already done and dusted. On the same note I think all major awards should be shown on your inbox, because they are major things and unless your players are winning them you could never know whats happening Im not going to go into the tactics, because I dont like them, but I figure this should be about some of the more cosmetic features of the game. Anyone got anymore things then feel free to post them! Cheers
  13. Official Patch 9.3.0. Feedback Thread

    Just to answer this. In 1 game V Villa they had 1 CCC and 22 shots, and against Roma they had 1CCC and 37 shots, with 9 blocked shots too. so 46 shots in 1 match, of which 45 of the were from long range ( I know not all non CCC are from long range but they barely got inside my area the whole game, the 1 time they did they scored. And their other 3 goals were spectacular efforts) I would consider that too high Also just to add I should be competetive against them. I have a better squad (on paper) and already beat them 2-0 in the 1st leg despite being down to 10 men for entire 2nd half, and it was an even game. To suddenly go from that to having them bombarding my goal with shots and beating me 4-0 is hard to take
  14. New patch, tons of long shots??

    I dont think so, I dont play with a particularly deep defensive line (just deep enough so I dont get caught out by every goal kick) But in reality if a team packs the defense the attacking team will generally try and break through, then if that hasnt worked start shooting from anywhere (when they start to get desperate for a goal) the later into the game they get (unless of course that team IRL is Arsenal, in which case they will not shoot unless they are inside the area, just so Arsene can have a little moan about other teams defending against his team). In my games the long shots started in the 1st minute. I mean what team starts speculative long range efforts after 1 minute? And then proceeds to have nearly 50 of them in a game? Unless there is actually a team full of Frank Lampards from 3 years ago that simply wont happen
  15. Is anyone else seeing tons of long shots with the new patch? Continuing my save where I won the league with Sheff Utd (having a more difficult season afterwards, currently 4th with 10 games left, but at least 20 pts from Man City) and in the CL Ive been competetive usually. In fact, a lot of games even against top teams Ive dominated Ive just played Roma away and lost 4-0 (My biggest defeat in nearly 8 years in charge) with me having a respectable 11 shots, 4 on target, 6 blocked shots and 2 CCC. Not bad. THEY had a ridiculous 1CCC, 37 shots, 19 on target and 9 blocked shots. The same happened against Villa (they had 20 shots with 2 on target and 1CCC, I had 5 shots 4 on target and 3 CCC, only difference was I won 2-0) I couldnt believe it! It seems that for some reason my world class defense have completely lost the plot and forgotten how to tackle or close down. Anytime the opposition get on the ball within 40 yards of goal they seem to shoot. And they get there quite often because noone tackles them. Im lost Im considering waiting a bit then just downloading and tweaking a tactic that I like. Only problem with that is I dont want a "supertactic" where Ill win everything. I just wants one that makes my team play like an actual football team Any help on what Im doing wrong would really be appreciated! Like I said Ive only played a couple of games so far, so it could be random, but that would seem like a massive coincidence and still 37 shots against (Vs a team where I won the 1st leg at home 2-0 with 10 men for 45 mins) is massive, even if there only was 1CCC. And that still means that (including the blocked shots) they had 1 real chance, and 45 long range efforts. I dont care who you are that is crazy