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  1. It's always one of the conversational options once your request is knocked back.
  2. Happened to me at Liverpool as well. Loaned about 8 future stars out with the "can be recalled" clause active. Only discovered the rule, to my horror, during a tough December fixture list
  3. Same here. Bought him for something like £35M in the second season, he was top scorer in Europe for me. Then after that it might as well have been Emile Heskey.
  4. If you are playing attacking football, then you are giving the smaller teams the opportunity to sit back and counter. If you are playing defensively yourself, or counter-attacking, then you are not causing them enough problems and are making it easier for them to deal with your team. It'll be one of the above
  5. 570 hours of play time. Most recent achievement is "Cash to Burn".
  6. I was never aware of this. Great to know and something I'm definitely going to keep an eye on in future
  7. I often have players break the 10 hour point. Sometimes I think they miss on purpose
  8. Yeah I hate those kind of questions too. First game of a new season, and "who do you think will win the league this year?" seems a little absurd. I've only ever managed in the top divisions, so wasn't aware lower league managers get asked about world player of the year
  9. I go with control in 80% of matches as a starting strategy, countering away from home against a big club/rival.
  10. That's probably the best you can do. I don't think injury proneness is an attribute that can improve.
  11. I tried to sign Douglas Costa (FM12), in the year 2018. His agent wanted £14.5m as a fee. Yes you are reading that correctly.
  12. In the top leagues I've found (after reading advice on here) that adding a buy-out clause usually helps to bring contract demands down. I usually go for the £80M that was mentioned. If someone bids that much, they can happily have the player and I'll buy a few more
  13. I'm into 2018 (albeit on FM12) and Barca & Real both have in excess of £500m in the bank, with transfer budgets around £300m and wage budgets of approx £4.5m per week. Incredible.
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