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  1. Ive noticed if you are very quick with the spacebar as the game switches between replays, you can pause it so you get a nice outside view of the stadium which rotates a bit like a fly by. With the new graphical stadium sections making for some interesting stadiums I was wondering if it was possible to add an option to actually view the stadium. All stadiums currently have there own page now showing pitch dimensions, etc. Would be nice if there was a button to click which opened up that fly by stadium graphic for each stadium. This would be especially nice for after an expansion.
  2. It would have been impressive to do all this using paint Interestingly, it wasnt just my players. During november I noticed a few regens sporting rather dodgy 70's looking taches!
  3. This is one of them on the day of the message This is him 3 days later!!! GORDONS ALIVE! The other two are still a little wispy and normal looking...but Im impressed by this one!
  4. I took screenshots of the three players as well. One does have a wispy thing going on. Going to wait until end of month and see how they get on
  5. Lovely touch. Just got a message that 3 of my players are supporting Movember (all regens) Looks like on their pictures that they actually are! Its the simple things in life
  6. Well it had to happen eventually with that name
  7. You can only adjust budgets every few weeks or so. If you've made a signing and used 'adjust budget' that counts as one adjustment, so you cant do that again for a few weeks. Therefore as a tip, if you are making multiple signings, instead of clicking 'adjust budget' in the news, go to your budget and do it manually making sure its enough for all. Got caught out at the end of a transfer window doing this and was only able to sign the first player. You only make that error once!
  8. Try using Behind Corner - Reversed. It flows well, you get to see the whole pitch and with reversed the dugout is on your right and you can see the away fans. Great view if you are testing tactics
  9. Any chance one of you could upload it somewhere? I'm not able to run the javascript on that page form the machine Im on at the moment. Thanks in advance
  10. Ive had this bookmarked for years....still seems to work for me: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/106997-9.3.0-Coach-Formula?highlight=coach+formula
  11. I too have noticed the change....and welcome it. It is harder to pick up new regens and youth than it was in previous versions. However, I have still managed to pick up these players for what I would call 'fair' transfer values by taking advantage of the 'Additional Clauses' options. For example, I had a 5mill bid turned down for a 4.5 star youngster, with them stating they wanted 9.5m. Well, actually, thats not a bad value for a player who seems to have all the attributes of a future star. So I bid 2.5mil up front, 2.5 after 30 games, an amount for each of those first 30 games and a couple mill for his first international cap....total approx 9.5mill. This bid was then accepted. Which seems fair. I buy a possible future talent for a 2.5mil outlay. If he performs over the next few seasons and becomes a regular and maybe picks up his first cap, he's definitely a 9.5mill player. If anything, I would say the new system is more realistic...but then its just one opinion. In previous versions I could just pick him up for 2.5 and take on no risk as Ill likely recoup this in a few years if he doesnt perform.
  12. Removing the freerole and swapping wingers? Im sorry it didnt work for you, but im not sure losing a game is a sign of a tactic problem
  13. Using Makaleles tactic, removing freerole on striker and swapping of wingers: Ilkeston: BSN P42 W23 D15 L4 F92 A42 Pts84 (Promoted 1st) BSP P46 W29 D11 L6 F83 A38 Pts98 (Promoted 1st : I left them mid season top and unbeaten so the losses, etc were due to new manager) Blackpool: L1 P46 W28 D5 L13 F77 A44 Pts89 (3rd, lost in playoffs : Took over midseason, lost one game in 24) L1 P46 W35 D8 L3 F104 A29 Pts113 (Promoted 1st: Stormed the league first full season) CHP P46 W30 D6 L10 F93 A39 Pts96 (Promoted 1st: Expected to finish 24th at start of season...back to back promotions) Now in Prem pre season.....Stadium expansion turned down so Im now expected to survive with a 9000 all seater stadia! Needless to say, this tactic has been well tested at the lowest level and is a success....Cheers Makalele and especially TylerBode
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