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  1. FMS Community Thread / Episode VII / Goalfinger

    Gosh, it's many years since I was last in here. Not sure I still remember anyone now who is still around! I was tempted to dabble with a story again, although it always slows down my game to the point that I tend to lose interest in the save and the writing up becomes a chore rather than the fun that it should be. I may read some of the current stories though and see if I get inspired.
  2. With no statistical backup or anything the only "bug" here seems to be that so many good young players are willing to sign for West Ham and that there aren't a whole host of top clubs competing for them if they are really that good. Isn't 5 stars the maximum though? So it's not like 3.5 stars players are all wonderkids and the next Messi. I'm sure there are a large number of very good young players coming through in Argentina. In reality most of them move to Spain or Italy rather than England though when they come to Europe at first. I wouldn't have thought you could get work permits for most Argentine kids at West Ham.
  3. It is amusing how people are so obsessed with having the most up-to-date game possible. The data is always incorrect because of the insistence of making it correct to the date or release rather than the date you start managing your team so you end up with players out on year long loans that you would never have loaned out or all your transfer funds spent on players you don't want, etc. And even for those who are obsessed with having the game start with all the very lates transfers of whatever date it is released it all starts to get out of sync with reality the moment you hit Continue and teams start buying players anyway!
  4. You need to give them money, infastructure to earn more money etc as well. A transfer budget is nothing other than a license to get yourself into debt if the money isn't there in the bank account.
  5. anyone else pre ordered fm11

    I might wander into Toon some day after it comes out and buy it. I might not.
  6. Scouting Help

    Clicking Restart will add the list again. You want get all the scouting knowledge you are looking for though. By the time your scout reaches Andorra he'll have forgotten all his Algeria knowledge.
  7. FMS Community Thread / Episode IV / A New Hope

    It's definitely always about goals Or at least, putting goals on the end of silky football!!
  8. FMS Community Thread / Episode IV / A New Hope

    Spain may play football "the right way", but 1-0, 1-0, 1-0, 1-0 is bl**dy boring! I was gutted Germany lost to Spain. At least I can focus 100% on the Tour de France now though!
  9. Surely this is an oversight?

    My guess is this is just a very rare freak set of circumstances and since it is an AI not human scheduling the games have to be fitted in before the season end date so when it reaches a certain point you end up with fixtures like that. This is the worst fixture pile-up I have ever seen, but this was back in FM05 and in Iceland so I guess no-one cares about the Icelandic league!!
  10. Surely this is an oversight?

    I usually just open Paint and paste screenshots straight into there.
  11. FMS Community Thread / Episode IV / A New Hope

    Well...Switzerland beat Spain and Spain are still there so that's one more team England can't claim to be better than...and Serbia beat Germany...so there's another
  12. FMS Community Thread / Episode IV / A New Hope

    I tend to forget to visit here mostly nowadays, although since I retired from writing stories I'm something of a cuckoo in the FMS community now anyway!
  13. FMS Community Thread / Episode IV / A New Hope

    I'm in a very good mood about this world cup...the two teams I put money on at the start of the tournament still there although I fear Holland will ruin my dreams of winning £66 on Uruguay making the final!! I think David Villa (and his cronies) will destroy my hopes of a Germany/Klose double (which would win me £100+) though. Germany have been thrilling this world cup though. I never thought I'd find myself supporting Germany years ago, but having thrown off the nausiating bias thrust upon us by a biased English media against the Germans I am more than happy supporting them for the last few years. Maybe if they no longer have any Werder Bremen players I might lose interest though! I may well have to eat my words though on saying Germany made a huge mistake in not bringing Torsten Frings to the tournament, esp. with Ballack out. As for Miroslav Klose he's one of my favourite strikers and I love the way he manages to always produce at World Cups. 3 tournaments in a row scoring 4+ goals...whatever about some of his misses and his club form that is an astounding achievement and longevity. I think he should return to Werder Bremen next season to rediscover his club form! So...World Cup has been fun (ish), but the biggest sporting event of my year has now started and rolls around the roads of France (and spurious neighbouring coutries) for the next 3 weeks so I can now forget the World Cup! As an aside, I hate FM10...I just keep on losing!!! I could have written a story as an almost total reverse of my previous one on my last season...I did the unthinkable and came very close to getting Werder Bremen relegated from the Bundelsiga despite spending £60 million (gross)!!
  14. North/South Divide

    I generally choose a club up North. I've heard tell of Dragons and all sorts doon Sarth. Currently managing Blyth Spartans. That said...I also have a game active where I am managing Plymouth Argyle, but they are nicely tucked out of the way in the South West so that is ok by me!!
  15. Surely if their contracts run until the end of June then they get paid until the end of June.