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  1. Gosh, it's many years since I was last in here. Not sure I still remember anyone now who is still around! I was tempted to dabble with a story again, although it always slows down my game to the point that I tend to lose interest in the save and the writing up becomes a chore rather than the fun that it should be. I may read some of the current stories though and see if I get inspired.
  2. Shouldn't really happen all the time. Stewart Dowining was out for months still when Aston Villa signed him, but there is no way we can do that in game.
  3. Blackpool in BSS?! Mind you, I think they were in my FM09 Whitley Bay game too after 20 seasons
  4. In 10 years of playing CM/FM I've still never achieved my dream of a long lasting team entirely from my youth setup At Scunthorpe in FM09 I had a decent number through, but never more than 5 or 6 in first team at once. My first story game at Ross County (CM03/04) had a 100% Scottish team, but only ~8 from youth team in an average first 11 since we never got any quality strikers or GK through. Ayr United in FM09 have been 100% Scottish for 7+ yesars too, but more signed from other clubs youth systems than our own. Only twice have I achieved the feat of either an entirely youth system-based team or an entirely local team - once at Caersws in FM08 were every player was born within ~20 miles of the club, albeit a small number signed from other clubs, but I struggled to get anywhere with that team and didn't make it past season 4. The other was CM03/04 - Plymouth Argyle - I took them up from League 1 to Championship and signed no-one, won promotion straight away and signed no-one in the summer for the EPL. Started first game of the new season with 10 kids and Paul Wotton (old captain who came through the Plymouth youth system in real life previously). We thumped Everton 4-1, but I never finished even that one season and only got half way through with us hovering above relegation zone. So...I still crave a solid team of 100% youth academy products who have longevity...might try it in either Norway or Iceland since my current game is with both those nations...I came close at IA Akranes once...
  5. Here's a controversial subject for debate! Does the LLM forum have any worthwhile purpose anymore or has it rendered itself irrelevent? Just interested in people's opinions now that we have the ability to add lower leagues via the editor, yet, of course, using the editor in any way is against the rules of LLM. So anyone who wants to play LLM lower down than that is not a true LLM player...I stopped going to the LLM forum myself ages ago because I didn't necessarily agree with their definition of what is "realistic" and there was very little worth reading in the forum because most questions are taboo and I'd rather see a story than a season update thread after 10 years of play. But now it just seems it has very little point in modern FM because most people outside of the Llama core would probably want to have a go at starting lower down in a league they can now add via the editor if they really want to play from the "lowest league". Any thoughts?! Should I be burned at the stake for attacking such a bastion of these forums and supposedly the integrity of "realism" in FM play? Or does anyone else agree?! *ducks under a table in case of flying eggs
  6. This is absolutely brilliant, thanks! I found the game unplayable with the abysmal skin that came with it, but this has totally re-invigorated my interest. I was very unhappy to see CA on the squad page, but then came to this thread, followed your instructions and that is now fixed too.
  7. I won't be playing this save, it is just a test so I set it off with just Icelandic leagues running and a small database so I could see how the reshuffling of the leagues etc plays out over a long period of time. Games that I am actually playing with a human manager don't go anywhere near as fast, although I don't generally holiday those for long periods. I just started with an unemployed manager and holidayed indefinitely, then got up this morning and it was mid-2027.
  8. Wow, talking of fairytale stories, I have just been testing my new Icelandic league, running it in holiday mode overnight through to 2027 and a club who began the game as an Amateur team, in the 4th (lowest) tier with an average attendance of 47 in their first season are top of the Premier Division (and Professional now) past midway through 2027 and played in Europe having finished 3rd last year. No human intervention at all, just AI. Admittedly they did have a tycoon take over recently, but they had already gone a long way along the path to their success before that. Looking forward to playing this when I finally become happy with the setup. Hopefully I can work a story out of it to run alongside my Plymouth game which is so frustrating I needed a break!!
  9. Might as well ask here first and editors hideaway if no-one knows... Has anyone here done any editing of cups to add in ones with a group stage? Specifically I am rejigging the Icelandic league and trying to roughly replicate the Upper and Lower league cups, but so that they involve every team. Trouble is if I split my cups to have all Prem and D1 teams in Upper and the rest in Lower I get 44 teams in my Lower League cup which doesn't divide well into groups (I guess I could have 11 groups of 4, but the reverse is not viable). So, I wanted to move 4 teams from Upper to Lower, but that means taking just 8 teams from D1 to Upper League Cup and I want the remaining 4 to go into the Lower League cup, but when I choose to select 4 teams from D1 for that cup it takes the best 4 teams (who are already in ULC). Is there any way I can force the bottom 4 teams from D1 to be in the Lower League Cup instead of the top 4 or will I have to revert to having the entire of D1 in the Upper League Cup? That sounds complicated...it's simple really, just hard to explain concisely in words!! [Edit]: I've decided to opt for the maverick option of 4 groups of 11 teams each for my Lower League cup after rejecting my fanciful idea of including 4 Faroese teams which seemed a bit two random!
  10. Hey, there's nowt wrong wi' Halifax!! Well, nowt that moving it to Lancashire wouldn't fix
  11. Is that possible? I always wondered about that if I were to take on an Amateur team, whether they would be forever amateur. Great news that it is possible to become semi-pro if you are successful enough.
  12. Every new FM that comes out I just seem to lose games all the time whichever club I start with. Then if I can get past my hatred of it I tend to start doing better, but I dunno why I always have to go through the boredem of being crap first that tends to mean it takes me months to get into a new FM. FM10's skin and general organisation is so appalling I'm really finding it hard to get into at all!
  13. I haven't had much chance of late to read anyone else's stories since I only recently got an internet connection at home so I am totally out of touch with other people's style, but from a personal point of view the football is always the centre-piece of my stories for a few simple reasons. Mostly these revolve around me not being a natural writer (I'm a mathematician!) and lacking the creativity and confidence to go veering off into areas of total fiction. Sticking to the football gives me a nice solid ready-made core to the story that comes from the FM game so I can then focus my writing on trying to weave something at least vaguely interesting around reporting that. I imagine quite a few writers here experiment with a wide range of different styles and are confident with doing that, but I tend to stick fairly rigidly to the same style - i.e. a personal diary-style reporting with varying amounts of detail on individual matches or side-events and with an attempt to put at least a little dry Lancashire humour into the plot. I have done more "short" stories than long because I tend to run out of steam. My Werder Bremen story of a year or so ago is the only one really were I have really delved into great detail to cover a very short period of time, but it was a lot of effort for me! Edit: Oh yeah, and that was all by way of saying that you basically can't go wrong whatever you choose to do so long as you enjoy the writing - different people follow different types of story, you'll develop your own following over a time as people get used to your style
  14. Surely you can't use FMSers then...we all hate each other
  15. Anyone else find that their story-writing enthusiasm tails off notably when their game moves along fast (i.e. on a powerful computer rather than a slow one that takes 10 minutes to process through a single week of no games!)? Mostly those people who, like me, don't really have much literary flair so the story writing doesn't come all that naturally. I've started a couple of stories with recent games, but I find it takes me so long writing up a part of my story that keeps up with the progress of my game that it just takes all the enjoyment out of playing the game. This is especially true when it is a game like my current one where I want to take my team to the Premiership, but have so far spent 4 seasons in the Blue Square North. I need good game speed, otherwise I'll never get out of the BSN before I lose interest completely Edit: I meant to add - any tips from others who have experienced similar would be welcome. I had hoped I could use one laptop for story writing and the other for playing simultaneously when I replaced my old laptop, but in the end I had to replace it straight away because both battery and mains connector were screwed so whilst I can still switch it on it has to stay exactly where it is in order to not lose its mains connection by moving it even the slightest amount! And where it is is not at all convenient for story writing!
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