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  1. Gosh, it's many years since I was last in here. Not sure I still remember anyone now who is still around! I was tempted to dabble with a story again, although it always slows down my game to the point that I tend to lose interest in the save and the writing up becomes a chore rather than the fun that it should be. I may read some of the current stories though and see if I get inspired.
  2. Gotta say, the one I struggle with, quite strangely perhaps is the German football team (and town) Aue. I groan every time they win promotion to the Bundesliga because I'm the kind of FM player who likes to do commentary out loud or read out full time scores or whatever and I just really struggle with that one - there just isn't enough substance there for me to get my teeth into! The word is over before I've managed to get more than half a sound out :o
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