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  1. @Christopher Lewis Did you get the file and do you have an update on the issue? Q
  2. I've uploaded the file to your cloud, filename: OFK Beograd 15th june 2021.fm I also have a backup from around may 1st of the same season if you need that. Q
  3. I'm having a similar issue with the Serbian league in 21-22. I did add leagues during the season, but i have a save before the season regeneration date (15-16. june 2021) and i've tried removing them again without the league starting the next season. I suspect the issue is with the Serbian first league. The league structure in the top two divisions in Serbia is a prelim stage where everyone plays each other twice, then a final stage where the top 8 play each other once, and the bottom 8 play each other once. This should result in 37 matches in total. The Serbian Superleague has 37 games played, where the Serbian First league has 31 matches played. 30 matches in the prelim stage, and only 1 in the final stage. Q
  4. I found a bug with touchline bans. I received a touchline ban for 1 game, and before the game started i setup my line up like usual. When I clicked submit team, i was given the warning that i couldn't do any changes during the game, which was expected. However, once the game started i saw that my assistant manager had completly changed the line up from the one i had selected before kick off. Sure, he's running the sideline, but im still picking the team that goes out there. I understand that this isnt something that's gonna happen alot, we're not all Murinho, but im pretty sure he still picks the team that starts Q
  5. Tried, didnt work. @FootballManager posted: "We're aware of some issues with the in-game store. We're currently working on a fix & will update shortly. Apologies for any inconvenience." 1.5 hours ago, yet still no update. Q
  6. Still nothing here, anyone else get it to work? Q
  7. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/405217-Official-Football-Manager-2015-Feedback-Thread?p=9962752&viewfull=1#post9962752 Apparently there's an issue with the store... being looked at. Q
  8. I'm getting the same error, steam version of the game. Q
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