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  1. I found a bug with touchline bans. I received a touchline ban for 1 game, and before the game started i setup my line up like usual. When I clicked submit team, i was given the warning that i couldn't do any changes during the game, which was expected. However, once the game started i saw that my assistant manager had completly changed the line up from the one i had selected before kick off. Sure, he's running the sideline, but im still picking the team that goes out there. I understand that this isnt something that's gonna happen alot, we're not all Murinho, but im pretty sure he still picks the team that starts Q
  2. Tried, didnt work. @FootballManager posted: "We're aware of some issues with the in-game store. We're currently working on a fix & will update shortly. Apologies for any inconvenience." 1.5 hours ago, yet still no update. Q
  3. Still nothing here, anyone else get it to work? Q
  4. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/405217-Official-Football-Manager-2015-Feedback-Thread?p=9962752&viewfull=1#post9962752 Apparently there's an issue with the store... being looked at. Q
  5. I'm getting the same error, steam version of the game. Q
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