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  1. 14 hours ago, Gelblich said:

    Hi, please I need an expert. I'm modding south american continental cups, so I want to make it so the 3rd and 4th place of the group stage in Copa Libertadores qualify to the second round of Copa Sudamericana. I've tried but I always run into a different error, help please!

    What is one of the errors you get? There are so many possible ones...


    (if this should be together with my upper post, can someone fix it)

  2. I have kind of specific question (which one isnt in advanced rules, right?). I have created new nation in europe (only 4 clubs and all play in serbian league system). Everything is fine except one thing. In serbia only 2 top league are playable, other issue is that divisions under lvl 3 are not made at all, so i merged it with file that has more levels in Serbia (someone other made it), THE THING is when I start new game I cant select lvs 3 and 4 as playable? If i use 2 files separately when starting new game then after 1st season, league (of lvl 3,4) where my clubs are suppose to play dont start (it just says starting on aug 8th although it has passed). Anyone has any idea? 

    P.S. when I merge my 2 files, I cant tweak the serbian nation rules, and I cant switch back to basics cause i will lose my competitions I made.."sigh"

    any help appreciated

  3. Thanks, any idea how to counter the Bilbao problem though? I really want them to sign Basque only. I also don't want to leave basque cities in Spain as it could cause some major regen problems and seriously infringe the strength of their NT. And I'm glad to see youth football doesn't have problems.

    Mate I was writibg to SI about it, some dude Neil told me why is it so important to change that in code (so both 1st and 2nd nationality are signable), after I explained it ti him , he never bother to reply, that is just one line of game code to change and it was big problem for him/them.

  4. Corsica_flag.png

    Patch contains:

    -2 playable Corsican leagues, Leca 1 i 2

    (Leca 1: Bastia, Ajjacio...)

    -Corsican Cup

    -All players born in Corsica have Corsican nationality (ie. Adil Rami)

    -Created awards, language, u19, media.




    (Insert graphics in logos)

    Some screenshots




  5. tumblr_lpw0x6ECm01qd6n38.jpg

    So I`ve created Brittany or Bretagne as in independent nation, I hope you enjoy it. Cheers.

    Patch contains:

    -3 Breton leagues (Lig 1: Rennes, Nantes, Brestois, Vannes, Guingamp, Lorient...)

    -Cup of Brittany

    -All Breton born players play for NT (Toulalan, Higuain, Marveux etc.)

    -Breton awards, language, u19, reserves leagues, media.

    -French players are considered non-foreign in Brittany and vice-versa (think of England/Scotland)




    (Insert graphics in logos)

  6. I`ve created Bretagne(Brittany) as a separate nation suing east germany, everything works just fine except all Bretons (i have changed the nation of all ppl born in Brittany), speak only Breton. I have set 100 to both french and breton in the nation. Still regens only speak Breton, if i set french langauge as the language of the cities than i get regens with second nationality as french, which i don`t want to.

    Edit. Never mind i solved it, problem was in local regions settings.

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