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  1. What is one of the errors you get? There are so many possible ones... (if this should be together with my upper post, can someone fix it)
  2. I have kind of specific question (which one isnt in advanced rules, right?). I have created new nation in europe (only 4 clubs and all play in serbian league system). Everything is fine except one thing. In serbia only 2 top league are playable, other issue is that divisions under lvl 3 are not made at all, so i merged it with file that has more levels in Serbia (someone other made it), THE THING is when I start new game I cant select lvs 3 and 4 as playable? If i use 2 files separately when starting new game then after 1st season, league (of lvl 3,4) where my clubs are suppose to play dont start (it just says starting on aug 8th although it has passed). Anyone has any idea? P.S. when I merge my 2 files, I cant tweak the serbian nation rules, and I cant switch back to basics cause i will lose my competitions I made.."sigh" any help appreciated
  3. I will try to make Senegal a playable nation, but the info on league rules and structure is really hard to find. Anything you know about football in Senegal (from grounds to finances) will be great. Tnx in advance
  4. Mate I was writibg to SI about it, some dude Neil told me why is it so important to change that in code (so both 1st and 2nd nationality are signable), after I explained it ti him , he never bother to reply, that is just one line of game code to change and it was big problem for him/them.
  5. Is there any difference between database on beta and full version?
  6. That`s one thing you can not do. But what you can is make one players ie. GK duplicate it 20 times and then assign it to your clubs.
  7. Yes as a matter a fact there is a "duplicate button" for almost every entity in editor
  8. First of all you have to make new system, you can not really edit the old one. Change nation of every player, club, and city in N.I. to Irish, that way you instantly get existing people as well regens and newgens available for your team. Just edit existing Ireland nation for your new All-Irish one.
  9. Your message is really confusing, I don`t really know what you`d like. If names of the players are not important, you can just use "add players to playable teams" when you are creating new game with your update. They will receive CA/PA suited for reputation of your league/country/clubs.
  10. I see one (not really your fault, it`s the way game is), you forgot that league reputation also changes, so when you have lower rep teams in it, league rep will also decrease through years. At what rate that would be, i can not say. Still it doesn't mean your plan can't work.
  11. Tnx man great work, I`ll definitily put em in updated version.
  12. Tnx, i can only use city of birth for regional db`s so i can miss this sort of info.
  13. Official data says he is born in Marseille, is there something i don`t know?
  14. Patch contains: -2 playable Corsican leagues, Leca 1 i 2 (Leca 1: Bastia, Ajjacio...) -Corsican Cup -All players born in Corsica have Corsican nationality (ie. Adil Rami) -Created awards, language, u19, media. Download Patch Graphics (Insert graphics in logos) Some screenshots http://www.dodaj.rs/f/1V/OJ/3wThaAqj/corsica-team-players.png http://www.dodaj.rs/f/2G/Y3/4vZSD906/leca-2-overview-stages.png http://www.dodaj.rs/f/1A/VX/KVJ7fqZ/leca-1-overview-stages.png
  15. Ofcourse I did, otherwise you couldn't load french league. Sure man, you can use it in your thread.
  16. So I`ve created Brittany or Bretagne as in independent nation, I hope you enjoy it. Cheers. Patch contains: -3 Breton leagues (Lig 1: Rennes, Nantes, Brestois, Vannes, Guingamp, Lorient...) -Cup of Brittany -All Breton born players play for NT (Toulalan, Higuain, Marveux etc.) -Breton awards, language, u19, reserves leagues, media. -French players are considered non-foreign in Brittany and vice-versa (think of England/Scotland) Download Patch Graphics (Insert graphics in logos)
  17. I`ve created Bretagne(Brittany) as a separate nation suing east germany, everything works just fine except all Bretons (i have changed the nation of all ppl born in Brittany), speak only Breton. I have set 100 to both french and breton in the nation. Still regens only speak Breton, if i set french langauge as the language of the cities than i get regens with second nationality as french, which i don`t want to. Edit. Never mind i solved it, problem was in local regions settings.
  18. You can make Manx over extinct nation, I used East Germany for it, you need advanced editor tho.
  19. My friend and I, are making entire Serbian league system, since it`s such a huge task, we do it seperataly on 2 computers. When we merge our .xml files, we lose some teams, some teams reset data, and teams in leagues get all mixed up. We are making new towns, stadiums, clubs and leagues. What`s the problem, I know many people merged .xml files without problem :S, could it be something with the ID`s?
  20. Not talking about world-class, players like Vaughn, McAuley, Ward would be enough.
  21. I find it anoying that after couple of seasons Ireland, N. Ir. and Wales have a significant lack of good players aka not enough quality regens, I think that this can be fixed with adding much more second nationality regens in English clubs. Certainly I`m not alone in this
  22. I was hoping to start game with Messina ACR, former professional team, now in Seria D but i can`t find editor file for Italian LLM anywhere? Need help. Cheers
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