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    From Swinton, Manchester. Live Wollongong, Australia

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    Manchester City

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    St Mirren
  1. Same happened to me, even though I'm an English manager, born in Salford and managing in England. My Salford accent can't be that bad lol
  2. Fmrte

    ok now I'm quoting myself in the forlorn hope some one may be able to help me. C'mon guys what am I doing wrong ?
  3. Fmrte

    Still having problems running FMRTE. I have uninstalled both the editor and net framework, reinstalled both but still can't get it to run. I do not get any error messages at all. The editor will sometimes get to the game loaded stage but that's as far as I get as it then freezes and I'm unable to enter ant search info or even close the editor down on some occasions. Does anyone have any ideas? Am I doing something wrong or missing something ? This is driving me nuts, any help would be appreciated.
  4. Fmrte

    For some reason FMRTE has suddenly stopped working for me. I can usually get the game to load but it then generally freezes, sometimes I can get to type a few letters in the search box but then it freezes. I haven't changed anything so I've got no idea what's happening. Have now uninstalled and reinstalled and I'm still getting freezes. It was working perfectly now it's useless. Anybody got any idea what's happened?
  5. Hoffenheim in Germany. Started with them when they were a small Regionaliga side a few years back. Not as much fun playing with them now as they're in the German top flight although I always end up with a save game with them, I still check their results every weekend and even joined a fan forum even though my German language skills are ordinary to say the least. I'm probably the only Hoffenheim fan in Australia
  6. Rant of the day

    Make your mind up. Which one do you want.