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  1. Yes i've succeed but it's shame, I have many files for play with all league and competition of world, but I cant because the game is too instable...
  2. Since 2 days I have many crash dump for launch a new game. How I can for know what's wrong ? I try to launch with many DB (more 200...) Are there a limit ? However I had succeed before.... Editor 2020 v20.2.0.1323095 (2019.12.24 16.47.41).dmp
  3. Hello, I tried again and again and I've finally succeed.... It was very complicated because there are too many places for manage this tool. But thank you for your message because of him, i was searched everywhere ^^ Thanks
  4. Hi, When I use Advanced rules, I can to chose a specific stadium for the FINAL, but in the game, it doesnt work, the stadium is this of the one of the 2 finalists... In begining I would liked to use a list of stadium for the Final, and the FM game will chose a random stadium for the Final, (with stade 0, stade 1, etc...) but impossible, I tried all (in general rules -> stadium rules and/or stage->stage 0 - cup -> round ->General). It's doesnt work...
  5. Hello, since several years and this year too, the feature for modify the amount for tickets price, and amount subscription doesn't work. In game the changes arent work. Could you fix it please ?
  6. I'm interested too for fix this issue .... For moment and by chance, Can't we to changed something with editor archive for fix ourself ?
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