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  1. why should i go back and play an older version when i paid good money to play FM12 i wish i hadn't set steam to auto update but SI made it out to be such a good idea
  2. Same as the title really new patch is ****. iv never moaned about a patch before and iv been playing since my older bro got the 1st champ man its the 1st time iv ever considered giving up playing and i was loving it before this latest patch Please help me
  3. More Injuries

    yea you know what, i think it might be my bad management considering i havent changed anything and it never happened before the patchPlayers are not geting injured in training, its alway 1 or 2 in a match. every match! That is not bad luck or down to poor "player management" I remember a previous version of FM havent serious issues with injuries before a patch came out. i cant remember jus because its not happening to you doesnt mean its not happening didnt say the game was broken either! If your such an expert, please tell me how to manage my players
  4. More Injuries

    this is becoming annoying now. it just keeps happening how can the game go from being fine to now nearly unplayable
  5. I seem to be receiving more injuries since the new patch came out i mean quite alot more is this becoming common?
  6. yes, but what about his face
  7. thats because he is well sexy
  8. Apprentice

    You are everything that is wrong with these forums theres is always someone ready to make a sarcastic comment! really pathetic pointing out my bad grammar too
  9. Apprentice

    Im ever so sorry. i was watching it on my sky planner you read the 1st thread and then you seen mine but still read it. why? what was the need for your comment?
  10. did i just see Miles on the apprentice?
  11. i always have 1 league running and if i fancy a change, il simply add the league i want to rule next