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  1. jackyshw

    Prefered Moves

    Sissoko? I tried many times. He will never give up long shot.
  2. I want to set a AMC to be free man. How can I do?
  3. WoW,they have connection. Your test is very good!
  4. jackyshw

    Reading the game

    this is wonderful and useful! should follow...
  5. My forward is advanced forward. The mentality of him is the same as WF and AMC.
  6. I play 4-2-3-1 with two MCs. My team scores 80+ goals in the season, but the forward just got 10+ goals. How can I set to make the forward scores more?
  7. younger than 20 do not register,right? he does not have another game in the same day, but he is disqulified to attend champions. Why??:confused:
  8. I play 4-2-3-1. I recently found if the "2" is MC (whatever the roles they are), my team concedes every match. if the "2" is DMC, the situation is better. But I perfer MC.... Does anyone have the similar situation???? And how to make better of "2" MC?
  9. if you let the defender marks the special man. they will run with the marked man.
  10. jackyshw

    OPZ Beam4 v. 2012 skin

    This is so cool! I like it!