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  1. Some of the transfers made in the summer were odd. I feel like no-one at Swansea must have watched Eder before signing him because he's always been a donkey. How he's a Portuguese international is beyond me. Saying that, I'm glad he started on the weekend because it might give Gomis the kick up the backside he needs. I agree that he seems to have run out of ideas but I still feel we're too strong to go down, so I'd like to see us stick with him and and if things are still shakey at the end of the season then look at a change from there. Realistically, who is out there to come in? Would you t
  2. How are people feeling about the real life managerial position? It's in the news again today that the board are considering Monk's position.
  3. Haha fair point but I'm a bit of a fans favourite at the moment after my European run so you might be on your own! I sent him out on a few short term loan spells last season and he's coming along really nicely. Would like him to develop a bit more physically so I think I'll keep him around this season and try to train him in the right areas. Probably won't have the quality to end up being a first team starter but definitely looks to be good enough as rotation with a little bit of care.
  4. Although I agree that I've done far too much in the transfer market, as long as I'm managing Swansea I believe it's relevant. How I play the game may be different to yourself but I'm still managing the club. How boring would football manager be if you didn't spruce your side up with new signings? Players I am still using in the first team are Williams, Cork, Shelvey, Ayew and Grimes. Williams will be phased out in this season though. Just to continue this post... in the first two seasons and start of the third I've signed 25 permanent players for the squad. Since the start of the 2013/14 seas
  5. Nice work samdiatmh! Would be nice to see this progressed to showing under 21's with fixed PA's of say 160 and above too at some point if someone fancies it!
  6. Season Two Review The League To say we got off to a terrible start would be an understatement. After finishing 5th in the first season I had my eye on possibly breaking into the top 4, but Chelsea brought me back down to earth with a 5-1 slapping at Stamford Bridge to kick the season off. From there it went down hill very fast. By the start of November I was sat in 14th and fearing the sack. Luckily we kicked into gear from this point and moved through the gears to an eventual finish of 6th. Again, we had the opportunity to break into the top 4 but lost a couple of games in the run-in. but o
  7. Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Nikola Radosavljevic Your Team: Swansea Buyer/Seller: PSV Player's Value: 300k Offer: £8.25m Transfer/Wage Budget: Have around 20mil still left this season Patch: FM 2016 Season: May season two Looking for a young prospect, came across this guy. Scouted him. What you think?
  8. I'd take that. He's good but you can get better with that sort of cash.
  9. Assuming you're financially in a good place based on your transfer budget, yeah buy him! By that time in the game he should be looking like a great player! Valid point but it depends what his reputation is like now that he's a champions league club, and also how well the clubs with the potential replacements have been doing. However, as a general point I agree with you.
  10. I still think 50 mil is unrealistic, home grown or not. Makes the eventual £27m after addons that I got look like nothing. Has anyone else had the same problem as me where Chelsea are forever interested in Jonjo Shelvey but never make a bid. I'm coming towards the end of March in my second season and they've been interested in him from the start of the game until now. It's only 'minor interest' according to his profile but never seems to go away.
  11. I don't mind you asking at all. I'm just coming towards the tail end of my second season and the original swansea players that I'd consider to be in my strongest 11 are Williams, Cork, Shelvey and Ayew.
  12. Unless there's a world class replacement available for that price, I personally would keep him. If you can pick up the likes of Gabriel Barbosa, Mauro Icardi, Paulo Dybala etc then fair enough, but otherwise you're better of keeping him. His goals could be vital in your champions league quest and also in qualifying for it again next season.
  13. Look forward to it fella! I'm at the January transfer window of season 2. Will update later when I finally get home from this hell hole I call work!
  14. I'm in work so I can't make a solid suggestion based on finances etc but Real Oviedo have just been promoted to Liga Adelante in Spain so I would assume their expectations are not too high. They have an interesting ownership model in real life where your everyday man can buy one(or more) share in the club. They also have a rich history and are aiming to get back to the glory days. Probably a bit of an obvious suggestion but thought it was one worth making.
  15. They fell off completely on my save last night. Played up until early December of the second season. I'm 10th in the league! Absolutely awful performances, creating very little. I was in 14th but went to bed on a 2 game win streak. Hopefully start to climb the table now, otherwise I could find myself in the job centre later this evening!
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