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  1. Ye and i play 2d in comprehensive game mode, so i dont get in between time allot and its very short.
  2. Ye lets change our resolution to make stuff fit =S This makes no sense, bring back widgets, are you guys at SI on drugs or something?
  3. Well then i say it as critique, purple skin sucks.
  4. The newgen/ manager faces are smaller then the real pictures of player. Why this is still going on after years i dont know.. it looks off. Pls fix this..
  5. Would be nice if you get a inbox if one of your mentoring groups arent on its minimal 3 players, i had it because i sold some players who were in those mentoring groups, but no notification told me the groups werent working anymore Thx
  6. Make a clear button, so i dont need to manually reset everything when they come with a stupid counter offer. Also make a option to always set relegation wage drop clause ( and others) so you dont need to fill it in everytime.. dont you guys play this game? Thx
  7. There is so much room on scouting report card, would be nice to also add loan interest, now i have to go into player screen again to check that out. And maybe also add what his squad status is
  8. Anyone working on a Newgen hair pack yet ? or is it still impossible to do like last year?
  9. Rename the fm scout pack as 2.Stadium Backgrounds i think.
  10. I noticed some set pieces problems before, so probably that.
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