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  1. Hi, Thanks, I've done a bit of software testing in my time so I'm used to screenshots. See the attached file save. I believe it is just at the end of the season where you will be able to see the pending transfer and once you finish the season you should see it strangely not happen. As a side note I played on in another save game and did another transfer where I selected 'end of season' rather than 1st of July and this time it worked ok. thanks Chris fm_save3.dat
  2. Hi a very strange and very annoying bug is happening. i have agreed a future pending transfer for July 1st a bid of £33m for Alex Grimaldo . Only to have it wiped like it never existed after a season update. After which trying to sign him again costs over £40m and other clubs always get him. see screen shots.
  3. Inexplicable Loses

    Good advice... In your quote though dont you see when you said "Where the game recognises that a lower rep team is trying to get instant success and it goes "NO! Wait a bit" lol. Maybe not like that, but you get the picture." That is exactly what I was saying... The GAME.. recognises patterns and form etc that might be OTT for the stature of the club and tries to even it out . You basically said it yourself. It's not that there is any magic " they have won 5 games so i'll make him lose now" .. thats not what I mean by the game ballancing things out... but more the fact that the Match Engine or Game Engine sees a team either overperforming or underperforming and trying to keep to real world situations tries to either make it harder for the team or easier.. depending... That in itself is the ballancing act... Its an extremely hard thing to code. As i'm sure your aware with your programming background but thats where the reason why things like this happen.. teams go on 10 or 20 game winning streaks to then get thumped by a lesser opponent... The Game should technically equate the best team and make them win based on team form, players skills etc etc but it doesnt work like that all the time. For want of a better word they always introduce an X factor that changes things up and keeps people guessing.. throws a spanner in the works so to speak.. otherwise the game would be too easy. hope that makes sense... it's hard to describe what you mean in a couple of paragraphs
  4. I've often thought even with a youth academy and training facilities of excellent, I very rarely if ever manage to bring a youth player through to first team... especially when it comes to generated players. I'm not sure how this could be addressed but I always end up buying from other teams once a player is trained up .. AI teams always seem to train their youths far better than I can....... might be something i'm doing wrong .. not sure...
  5. yeah.. as harsh as this sounds but bite the bullet and buy a new pc or laptop..... doesnt have to be an expensive one but i'm sure you'd get an easily decent enough pc or laptop for around £300 or $400 depending where you are.
  6. Inexplicable Loses

    I don't belive you.. simply because i've been in the games programming business all my life and I know what goes into the coding behind these games... see previous reply to anothers post.. This isnt REAL life... in other words of course there will be situations where you will win on the 9th or 10th attempt in the game... however the game has been programmed to add realism or the fake effect of realism into the game.. EG as previosuly said or for want of a better word "giant killing" situations in cup matches.... to replicate what happens in real life and the CAOS effect of humans... this cant be replicated acurately in a GAME programmed to replicate it. So there will be instances where the game feels you need to lose to try to introduce the effect of none invunnerability.. I do understand what you are trying to say i'm not dismissing your opinion ... but I know for a fact games are designed to try to even up certain aspects at certain times whether that is to make a certain character harder to kill , whether its to add more characters in other games... whether its to change the statistics temporarily or introduce krit or critical instances of random factors to giev the effect of CAOS. Its the same here.... all you have to do is think of injuries in FM ... Injuries in real life are based on CAOS theory and real world events which can never ever be predicted. Yet THIS GAME... casually throws in injuries to your players from time to time ... sometimes several at once.. sometiems hardly ever... they are based on the players stats whether hidden or not but the concept is to try to recreate random real world events... However this is CODED... so in which case there will be times where the randomness goes too far to try to prove the point. I'm mearly stating that the game mechanics does throw you curveballs on purpose and sometimes you cant avoid them.
  7. Inexplicable Loses

    exactly.... so the GAME... instead of taking your team and players and form into the algorythm to work out who should win decides every so often that becaus your teams stature it extremely high and theirs is low. the outcome is a game lose 9 times out of 10...for that game...... its not like real life where CAOS effect has a random factor.. this is a game whereby a person sat at a cooputer and coded situations where you'd find it difficult to win games and the reasons behind it....
  8. Inexplicable Loses

    its not rubbish at all.... IF every game is calculated as you say then how does a div 2 side beat a team who won everything and clearly has the best team in the world at that time / instance.. SURELY by your idea the game should calculate your the better team and win ... nope it doesnt... the game AI always throws in curveballs to knock you off your stride..... while YES I agree for the most part the best or better teams tend to win more often but the game does throw in matches where there is pretty much nothing you can do. An example being . With Man UtD I had a game where I think it was season 2019.. by then I had EVERY one of the worlds best players in the team, including Messi and got Ronaldo back etc etc.... i'm sure you can inagine the side I had.. After winning every single game for several seasons and every competition.. I lost against Dagenham n redbridge in the FA cup. So .. replaying it over and over and changing tactics and formations... despite a world 11 that I had dagenham beat me 6 games of the trot before eventually I won the match on the 7th or 8th time or replaying...... Your telling me the game wasnt trying to purposely knock me out the cup seen as I had won the fa cup every season.?
  9. Inexplicable Loses

    I always think of this as the AI trying to level the playing ground so to speak...... In the end of the day its a computer game and it will have specific behind the scenes ways to make you lose... where its not your fault or how you play or what players... Simple examples are things like winning 30 games in a row and beating barcelona and real madrid and bayern and man city etc all in a row to then get tanked by aldershot in the cup with the same lineup...... If the computer wants you to lose then you will lose..... its just the stupid game mechanics
  10. I always pause the game then click the tactics screen... it doesnt happen then... the reason why its happening is simply because the game is continuing when you change screen.. its not a bug ...... by mistake a few times aroudn 80mins i'ev wanted to make a change and forgot to pause... by the time I've worked out what I want to do and go back the game was over.... ALWAYS PAUSE THE GAME..
  11. Should I get fm12 or fm13

    I'd wait..... ignore the rest you'll kick yourself when the new one comes out and you still have the old version.... plus.. ALOT has changed and no doubt the game itself will change however slightly when fm2013 comes out........ if you have the available cash however no harm in buying both... 2012 will be a good stopgap until 2013 comes out... but if you arnt getting 2013 if you buy 2012 then i'd wait....
  12. Selling players

    I agree .. one of my pet hates with this version of FM is its seems increasingly harder to sell on players.... Yes some players will not go to other teams due to wages and their own opinion of themselves compared to lower league teams but you should still get intrest and options.... i've sat on players for seasons only to have to wait till their contract runs out to give them away... its funny how they easily find teams after that... even when I offer them for £0 like you said seasons earlier.
  13. Really? [Morale problem]

    The morale is an issue...... as other have now said and many of them at that I experienced similar thigns as suzy said a few replies earlier.. into season 8 pr 9 after a couple of seasons winning everything with Newcastle and having team morale pretty much as high as you can get .. losing 1 game or the terrible replies offered to press confrences can seriously break morale.. I wouldnt mind and yes if you lose a game morale should be affected slightly but be able to regain it after some more wins but thats not the case... It seems far easier to lose morale than it is to gain it.. There is also the suggestions above which are very good to include more interaction with captains or actual players where you can address issues far better....... I've had players who have been uphappy due to lack of gameplay etc but you then play them in 10 games in a row and they are still unhappy.. its stupid.. There should be more options to chastise / praise players and there should be more interaction with your assistant who can advise on whether or not to say certain things.. EG your assistant thinks you should have a 1-to-1 with playr X and playr X responds well to stern authoritative talks.. or responds to calm assurances... stuff like that.... There is so much you can do with this area but it looks like it's just thrown together at the last minute just so they can say its included in the game.
  14. I think they can be though Krald.. it even says it in the FM handbook... Changes that you may think is perfectly fine and logical the club could take a different way but the main thing is simply results... if you are winning all the time then the changes wont matter even the most extreme but if you get rid of players especially the higher earners who are probably seen as the first teamers and you then lose some games .. despite it being the correct way forward you can get sacked....I remember once in one game I player I sacked 4 or 5 reserves because I couldnt sell them even for free and I simply wanted to free up wages so I could purchase a player and I got hammered for it and got the chairman's famous ' we have faith in you' speach... and then got sacked the same way the OP did..... I raised a call with SI at the time and they explained that because I sacked so many players in a short time and then had a few bad games thats why I got sacked....... despite it being the right thing to do at the time. The key though it always results... you can pretty much do what you want if you keep winning
  15. Really? [Morale problem]

    I agree the swing for morale is a bit weird....... i've had similar thing adn the slightest thing you say or do wrong as a manager and thats it... poor morale despite winning the league and cup and givign them a new better contract.. its daft...