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  1. Hello guys, Please i found bug, everytime that i try to loan my player, i have a limit of money that i can get for player. In this example, my GK is great abilitty, but i cant get more then 170k per month for him. This is a problem with everyother player. Is this a common bug? Here is uploaded save game : https://easyupload.io/skva7s Thank you so much, Filip
  2. Believe me or not, i played Almada as BTB, and he does good, sometimes as Inside Forward. https://prnt.sc/ur445m Dont sell him, retrain him as CM and after that he can play everything except BWM
  3. Ok, and what is better for you, what do you prefer to watch when you have doubts between two players?
  4. But when u compare players, better perspective u have with graph, do you?
  5. Hello dear players I have a simple question, what is a better signal for you that the player is good, is this a player attributes in number https://prnt.sc/uqiru0 or maybe graph https://prnt.sc/uqisob ? personally, i am a bigger fan of Graph, and always tried to compare players, not by attribute number, but attribute graph, How about you? Does it make a big difference? Thank you!
  6. Ben, so this is not a bug, this rule really exist in real football life, premier league?
  7. Again, on my FM 20 save game i have this bug. I read that this will be fixed but for now i still see this error. GAME VERSION this is version that i use, and this is error that i get : ERROR Can someone told me if i am only one with this bug or not ? Thank you so much
  8. Hi folks, how is urs experience about player performances if he isnt on his natural position? I get Lo Celsa on fee and his natural position is AMC, but i need him on MC. How much poorer will be if i put him in MC position? Just to add, he has no side preferences to learn that position.. Maybe i will have opportunity to sing some lower player (lower attributes) but with MC as his natural position. How this is matter for player performance? Thank you :)))
  9. Again me Oke, i have one question If i set hit early crosses, and my TM is on support, do i need to set him on attack duty? And do i need to change my wingers and fb's to hit crosses from deep? Usualy i play with late crosses cus my TM is supp, and my wide players crosses by line, but what is better suited with hit early crosses?
  10. Yes, Warrenwwr u helped me with this MCs advices ty i will try more to make a good tactic But what do u think, if i move my MC on BBM with go forward, do i need to have a 2 wingers? I like playing and pairs W - IF but maybe for crossing is better with Wingers ? Ty
  11. Hmm, my CB often lose opp STs. My Wingers do not act like before, low number of crossing, low dribling and etc. My CMs are isolated (that is normal cus we have only 2) and cant create chances. Summary, i cant use my wide players good as before and my Target man is not so strong in aerial
  12. Ok guys, i need a help. 2,3 weeks before i played on FM 16 default version, and when i get update my team is awful. Here is a ss of my team and crucial players I play on wings both wings, with amazing wide players DR : http://prntscr.com/bpzjt5 often cross DL : http://prntscr.com/bpzk77 often cross too AML : http://prntscr.com/bpzl0c AMR : http://prntscr.com/bpzko2 And aiming this BIG guy TM(S): http://prntscr.com/bpzljm In pair with ST: http://prntscr.com/bpzluw So, this is realy amazing players and team, for Serbian league is too strong, but i play great agains some bigger
  13. The problem is that I bought a fantastic anchor man , and now I'm stuck to play with him. With which the position of anchor man good works?
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