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  1. So my coach report says that a particular youngster is currently at Vanarama North/South standard. He's currently in my U23's (English U23 Premier Division). I can't find out the reputation of the U23/U18 leagues to compare with the Vanarama (1 gold star) so that I know whether its best to give him U23 league match experience or loan him out to a Vanarama team. Anyone know where I can find U23/U18 league reputations for comparison purposes? The competition reputation table doesn't appear to show it? @Seb Wassell??
  2. I can't understand how my striker is showing the following average ratings on the player tactics screen and yet his the form and average ratings stats for those positions the numbers are different. Anyone know why? Solved - If only 5 of the above 6 appearances on the form page have an av rating against it (e.g. one late sub appearance no av rating) the calculation above is still expressed in terms of all 6 matches. So distorted and somewhat misleading then.
  3. Moved my promising young winger from Sporting B to U23 then into senior squad and this worked but promoting directly upwards from Sporting B to first team squad currently doesn't.
  4. With apologies if this has been asked before but can someone please explain to me what the numbers 62 and 23 here signify? I can see I have good coaches but I am still wondering what the upper 62 and lower 23 numbers mean and on what basis they are calculated? Any advice appreciated.
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