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  1. Yeah it's really not cheating, just a ridiculous point. Using and relying on your scout reports is definitely more realistic, but cheating to use the search? No
  2. This has been the same since the opening patch... Swedish lower leagues - still not a single player available (First Division South - not even bottom tier) that would improve my squad. No results for New Talent searches... No results for Known Talent searches. Around 10 results for 'Sweden' searches (all youths, no first teamers). I'm not saying I can't afford players that would join - there's literally nobody available. I find it hard to believe that players from divisions above not getting a game, or in the same division not getting a game, wouldn't appear on at least scouting missions to sweden (with no conditions set) or in the player search... PLayer search reveals about 360 players that would be interested in joining - all absolute rubbish - not a single player would even improve my bench and most are youth players. This HAS to be a bug (i've posted in the bugs to no avail yet). My mate is in the BSP and has endless possibilities for his recruitment. I would expect the same with 80,000+ players loaded, including all Swedish leagues??
  3. Why don't SI just get rid of sliders altogether and commit fully to the TC? Having sliders must make testing the Match Engine virtually impossible because of the thousands, possibly millions of combinations of tactics vs AI tactics. With sliders you can have extremes that don't make sense but they're the kind of things that exploit ME or flare up bugs more. They're also the kind of tactics that nobody would EVER play.
  4. IN the CM01/02 days I used to transfer my game to my laptop when I needed the toilet just to carry on playing. I was obviously too stupid to realise I was wasting more time transfering the game than actual time on the toilet
  5. I'm afraid not the toilet! Normally on the way to the boozer after playing
  6. Yes (but not in FM13) Yes Yes - Me and my housemate actually interview each other Yes Yes (in a way) - I smashed my mouse to bits the other day and threw a fork at the wall No
  7. By the way - the ME is no longer a graphical representation of the number crunching which has been confirmed a few times in the recent past.
  8. Sounds very much like a bug - although, on the other hand if they've already outlined the budgets, then it's conceivable they have no money left after that (as silly as it still sounds). You'd have thought at the very least they could take some money off your budget
  9. Well certainly with an attacking system, he will contribute a lot in an attacking sense, but can't see his defensive stats rising too much? Maybe he'll do enough defensively to make it viable - i guess it's risk v reward after trying him there a few times. Glad to hear you're playing him in his role - I can imagine he'll play exceptionally well (the first prospect) in that role. Is he a DM or a DLP?
  10. Personally, I'd be deeply concerned if my left back, whether attacking or not, only had 5 tackling and 10 marking in the EPL! He also has poor physical attributes. I'd be worried enough if he had those attributes in the league I currently am - the Swedish First Division South. With such low attributes it's hard to imagine them improving significantly as they will possibly be part of his weaknesses. He's ideally suited for a winger, whether you have one or not. Think squeezing him into your team where he has literally none of the attributes required defensively, would be a mistake IMO!
  11. I don't think there's a single shout that isn't useful to be honest. The beauty with shouts is that there are no right and wrong shouts to use. There's no 'exploit shouts' that work and others don't it just totally depends on the players you have, the style you're trying to play and the opposition you're facing!
  12. What annoys me more is that my assistant never saw the incident... If he didn't see it - how am I supposed to gather from the highlights whether it was or not? Most slide tackles look the same whether they're a foul or a fair tackle anyway
  13. I tend to change it depending on recent form/results, and the up-coming opposition. If i'm leaking a few goals recently, I might work on defensive positioning for a few weeks. If I'm defending well, attacking movement. If I concede more from set pieces, defending set pieces etc. etc.
  14. I've never had this problem. I'm in the swedish lower leagues, semi-pro with poor facilities and coaches and my youth prospects develop very well indeed.
  15. I'm not having a go at you by saying post it as a bug - but the only way to find out if it is a bug, is to post in the bug forum for them to investigate. They might investigate and give you feedback as to why it was, or you might have found an issue. I've never had the problem so can't comment other than what I have experienced, which is that they seem fine to me
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