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  1. yes i have already contacted a moderator about the headline. i was wondering if i played 2 defensive midfielders, then would my winger/IF provide enough opportunities for the strikers? maybe it would become too one dimensional?
  2. my bwm has average position lower than dlp, but im going to try to switch things up in the midfield.
  3. Hello, so this is my very first version of fm, where i actually create a tactic myself. The main problem is that my tactic concedes too many goals, during my second season my team scored 77 and conceded 50 in the league, from the tactics report i can see that ive scored 6 and conceded 18 vs tougher opponents. This is my formation and instructions. I score quite ok, most of the goals come from poacher, deep lying forward, right winger and inside forward. Usually im using counter mentality, especially against tougher teams. But against weaker opponents or if behind early on, im using attacking mentality. I dont really know what to change about this tactic, as im quite new and i dont want to ruin my teams goalscoring ability. any help is appreciated. My cb instructions are: *Pass it shorter *Hold position *Tackle Harder *Mark Tighter Fullback instructions: *Dribble less *Run wide with ball *Cross more often *Cross aim far post *Close down less *Mark tighter *Stay wider Ball winning midfield: *Shoot less often *Mark tighter *Pass it shorter DPl: *More direct passes *Roam from position *Mark tighter *Shoot more often EDIT: ITS 4-4-2 ACTUALLY . First thread here, im sorry that the title went wrong. could a moderator change it please? thanks.
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