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  1. I'm experiencing the same problem about injuries in both game modes. As Everton, I've 12 players injured at the same time, and 8 of them are out for 3 or more weeks.
  2. Of course! You're not alone! It reminds me that FM isn't fast enough for certain type of players who don't want this amount of information... Even FMC is very heavy for some of my friends! I've been playing other management games which are "less realistic" but faster, with the option to make decisions like a president, and are very very enjoyable. I won't give names because here isn't the appropiate place for this (and I don't want to make an ad xD ) but I wish SI would make a FM with that options.
  3. I really want an in-game editor for FMC. I play online in FM (Fat) with a friend and I can, with the in-game editor when I'm the host, mark the option "Unsackable" for us. I'd like to do the same in a FMC online game.
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