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  1. I'm guessing using a different skin (if there is one for FM14) would solve the problem?
  2. Never mind, it was because I was playing in windowed mode! Any way to get round it?
  3. I'm playing in Windowed mode and resolution is normal...should really activate windows but I don't have the time!!
  4. I take it no-one can help with my problem? I'm not too fussed about the squad depth issue as I can find it manually. When I'm trying to sign a player, however, my assistants don't compare him to the players I already have rather his best position:
  5. Hi Everyone, Wondering if you can help me, when I look at the coaches report I cannot see a squad depth only? Can anyone help me please? Thanks
  6. On a different note it says I've played on FM2012 for 385 hours, slightly addicted!
  7. Looking forward to this although don't understand why people complain, waiting a couple of hours is nothing so just chill out.
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