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  1. Are you a mac or windows user? For macs go to: macintosh>user>shared>sports interactive. Should be under hall_of_fame.dat. Not sure about windows
  2. Has anyone found the answer to this question? Can you edit Hall of Fame file?
  3. Has someone made a guide for this FMRTE fix because my hall_of_fame.dat has been deleted by accident when restoring computer (on a new desktop).
  4. Shame, bit annoying really. I wish something like FMRTE could edit hall of fame seeing as there must be a code to do it. Maybe it's something they could add on in the future.
  5. And what programs is this? Having the same problem in FM12
  6. Does anyone have the answer to this? Having the same problem when changing to a new computer for FM 12 and would be great if someone found a solution. Generally good at all this kind of stuff but the Hall of Fame is bugging me as not aware that it can be solved. Any help would be great!
  7. What do grey stars mean when referring to ability? You see a lot of players have grey stars rather than gold but I don't understand what this refers to. Any advice would be useful! Milkman